Friday, January 23, 2009

Introducing...Origami Vinyl!

Wow! The time has finally come to say Origami Vinyl is officially underway. I received the keys to the shop yesterday and will start the build out of the store early next week. Thanks to all of you who have helped so far along the way and for those who continue to offer your help in the coming weeks/months/life. I really appreciate this and could not do it without you.

So here is the plan/story. The shop is located at 1816 W Sunset Blvd in Echo Park, Ca. We sit right next door to Two Boots Pizza (which should be opening soon as well. fingers crossed for them. Oh and yes they are the same famous pizza joint from Brooklyn, in case you were familiar with the name) and 2 doors down from The Echo. The shop will sell Vinyl records, record players, cartridges, and concert tickets for The Echo, Echoplex, Spaceland, and other Spaceland Productions Festivals/Events. We will primarily focus on Independent music with scattered classics from multiple genres throughout the store. All the records in the shop will be new. Since our space is small, we won't be messing around with the used, rare, collectible market. We'll leave that to the guys at Rockaway in Silverlake. In the coming weeks we will be resurfacing the floor, painting the walls, building record bins, some sort of stairway to the loft, installing light fixtures, getting the computer set up, and most importantly checking in all the hot new vinyl from our favorite labels. We are hoping this all takes about 5 weeks to complete. Which would mean an opening date of March 6th. Don't hold me to that date just yet, but that is our goal...Wish us luck!!!

On the right are some pictures I shot this morning of the space so you can get an idea. It is approximately 400 sq feet, 10 ft wide by 40ft deep. As progress is made I will be posting new photos to keep all of you in the loop.



  1. i'm gonna help get the space ready! dibs on your grandpa's sander...

  2. looks pretty cool, it's always awesome when new record stores open up!!!

  3. awesome. yes, please make some room for used records, too.

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