Saturday, March 31, 2012

TONIGHT: Lovely Bad Things in-store 7pm!

Ahhhhh yeeeeeee. We've got an in-store. Come on down tonight at 7pm for the lovely tunes of... the Lovely Bad Things! All the way from La Mirada, CA, LBT is a OC fourpiece featuring members Lauren Curtius, Brayden Ward, Tim Hatch, and Camron Ward. Their first full length entitled, “Shark Week” was released in September 2010 on cassette by UVR, earning them gigs with bands such as The Growlers, Screaming Females, No Age, Wavves, La Sera, and more.
Lovely Bad Things put out their newest release, an EP entitled NEW GHOST/OLD WAVES in  July 2011 on cassette by Burger Records! The EP was released on wax earlier this month on Volcom Entertainment, which can be picked up at tonight's in-store. It'll be a good one, I promise. See you at 7pm!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Hope you remember how to floor punch... (NEW USED!)

At The Drive-In / Murder City Devils Split 7"
Beastie Boys - Electric Worm 7" (USED-VG)
Big Boi - Got Purp? Vol. 2 (USED-VG)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Red Eyes And Tears 7” (USED-VG)
Blackspot - Check Out The Helmet 7" (USED-VG)
Born Against - Battle Hymns Of The Race War 10” (USED-VG)
Born Against - Half Mast 7" (USED-VG)
Burn - Shall Be Judged 7" (USED-VG)
Campaign - Numb 7" (USED-VG)
Coalesce - A Safe Place 7" (USED-VG)
Converge / Coalesce Split 7" (USED-VG)
Crutch - Disgruntled Employee 7" (USED-VG)
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun 7" (USED-VG)
Damnation AD - Walleye 7" (USED-VG)
Death By Stereo / Ensign Split 7" (USED-VG)
Earth Crisis - Firestorm 7" (USED-VG)
Econochrist - Trained To Serve (USED-FAIR)
Face To Face - Disconnected 7" (USED-VG)
Face To Face - No Authority 7" (USED-VG)
Farside - Rochambeau (USED-VG)
Frodus - And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea (USED-FAIR)
Game Face - Puzzle 7" (USED-VG)
Iceburn - Poetry Of Fire (USED-VG)
Ignite - Where They Talk (USED-VG)
Illiterate - S/T (USED-VG)
Jermaine Dupri - Young, Fly, & Flashy Vol. 1
Joan Of Arse - Unwanted Gift 7" (USED-VG)
Joy Division - Les Bains Douches (USED-VG)
Julia - Kathy Revisited 7" (USED-VG)
Karen O And The Kids - All Is Love 7" (USED-VG)
L7 - Keep On Rocking EP 7" (USED-VG)
Louis Armstrong - Mame (USED-FAIR)
MC Paul Barman - How Hard Is That? (USED-VG)
Mono Men - Beer, Bowlin', Booze, Broads 10" (USED-VG)
Morrissey - Boxers (USED-VG)
Nat King Cole / Ella Fitzgerald Split LP (USED-VG)
NOFX - Don't Call Me White 7" (USED-VG)
Pennywise - A Word From The Wise 7" (USED-VG)
Phantom Surfers - The Great Surf Crash Of '97 (USED-VG)
Schlong - Punk Side Story (USED-GOOD)
Screw 32 - Unresolved Childhood Issues (USED-VG)
Sensational - Beat Rhymes & Styles 12" (USED-VG)
Sensational - Party Jumpin' 12" (USED-VG)
Shelter - Civilized Man 7" (USED-VG)
Social Distortion - Cold Feelings 7" (USED-VG)
Social Distortion - Whiskey '82 7" (USED-VG)
Stick Figure Carousel - Eleven Years Of Virginity 7" (USED-VG)
Struggle - S/T (USED-VG)
Swing Kids - Disease 7" RED VINYL (USED-VG)
Unbroken - Groundwork 7" (USED-VG)
Unbroken - You Won't be Back 7" (USED-VG)
V/A - A Food Not Bombs Benefit LP (USED-VG)
V/A - Birth Of Blues Box Set (USED-GOOD)
Worlds Collide - Object Of Desire 7" (USED-VG)

Record Store Day Info!

It's almost that time, RECORD STORE DAY 2012!!! So here are some important preview deets to get you all hot and bothered:
  • we will be announcing all the details Friday, April 20 so make sure you are lucid.
  • the store will open up early on Saturday--8am--don't party too hard on Friday so you can wake up!
  • Like last year, ten people at a time will be allowed into the store to shop. We will also have people working the line to keep you updated on the store's inventory!
  • We will be having eight bands perform at The Echo!! (not echoplex)
  • There will be a listening station so you can listen to your new purchases as well a "vinyl valet" area (where you can check in your records to enjoy the show).
  • Guest DJ's spinning while you shop as well as amazing giveaways throughout the day!
  • Last but not least, this is obviously gonna be the best day ever!!!

    More details to come!

TONIGHT: Electric Flower Group in-store 7pm

Tooooonighttttt ~~~ We've got a free in-store with the Electric Flower Group! The show is in celebration of their new release - EP II, which is out now on Narnack Records. The duo consists of Los Angeles locals, Imaad Wasif (guitar/vox) and Josh Garza (drums) pertaining to a style best described as "part motorik and part psychedelic." Electric Flower Group are on a journey through a modern kaleidoscope of rock 'n' roll, transcending mainstream influence and incorporating strong minimalist elements into their modern psychedelic music.  In Garza’s pummeling beats and Wasif’s vocal and guitar exorcisms, we are not listening to just two men, but to an orchestra of the damned.  EFG wakes the ghosts of rock's most daring days, while never following them.

The second EP from Electric Flower Group finds the visceral realist duo expanding their sound beyond the rawness of their first EP to explore the dimensions of depth and width. This EP is proof that music today can be Cinematic and Conceptual without the complications of Over-Instrumentation as demonstrated within the Modern Overarching Epic. Conversely, it moves against the wake of new-fangled blues stomp rock and the limits of its obligatory two-piece bands.  Side two of the EP is dedicated to a cover of Scott Walker’s dark symphonic ode to S&M, “The Electrician,” done to such effect that it cuts to the core of the original, its primitive brightness reaching far out into other corner.

Well there you have it. See you tonight at 7pm!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

TONIGHT: In-Store Twin Steps + Brainstorm 6pm

Two bands in-store tonight! woah, let's get cray. Twin Steps a sample based trio representing Oakland have just released their debut EP, Serial Parade, off the San Francisco record label Cola Bruin. Known for their experimentation of beautifully blending oldies, soul, and experimental rock & roll, their first single, Pinkie Promise, illustrates this aesthetic by sampling Etta James with 60's pop guitar lines and polished vocals resulting in this six minute ride of sultry sonic bliss. Brainstorm, described as one of Portland's best kept secrets, will bring the high energy. Blending contempoary alt-rock sounds with old American Spirtuals and desert blues with dual exchange vocals, it is easy to see why they are described as all of Portlands's music scene whilred in a blender--and everyone loves a music smoothie. See you tonight!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Record Club Tonight @ El Prado Bar

That's right folks! Come check out what your neighbors think are cool! We'll be playing their select choices as well as some of our own!. If ya wanna partake in a future one, just come High Five us at that bar and we'll hand ya the sign-up sheet. As a bonus we'll buy ya a beer or glass of wine for participating!

LA Deets:
Origami Vinyl Presents Record Club LA
Every Tuesday Night at 9pm 'til 1am
@ El Prado  1805 W. Sunset Blvd Across the Street from Origami
NY Deets:
Origami Vinyl Presents Record Club NYC
Every Tuesday Night at 9pm 'til 1am
@ Kinfolk  90 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hope to see you tonight!


It's a light one this week...but don't let that fool you into thinking these aren't the records to go out and grab right now!!

Races - Year Of The Witch

Band Of Skulls - Sweet Sour
Madmen 7" - Zou Bisou Bisou

- V/A - What Remains of Eden: Anatolian & Levantine Music 1928 - 1952 (Mississippi Records)
- V/A - Time Will Make A Change (Mississippi Records)
- Black God - II 7"
- Lotus Plaza - Spooky Action...
- Julianna Barwick - Sanguine (reissue)
- Dead Moon - Dead Ahead (reissue)
- John Talabot - fin

Come get these little s.o.b.'s

Monday, March 26, 2012

TONIGHT: NO Residency at the Echo Night 4

Unfortunately, like all good things, the NO March Residency has to come to an end. Tonight is the final night! Join us next door at The Echo as we reminisce the good times had at the last three residency shows and jam to the tunes of Echo Park's very own NO. The band put out their 12" on our very own Origami Vinyl record label last month and have since been receiving some rather favorable feedback from all of you fans. They played a whole ton of shows at SXSW a few weeks ago and are headed out on a mini US tour with Races in a few days. Tonight, they're playing with Young Hunting (LA dreampop), Black Flamingo (a group of friends who love to create together), and Raw Geronimo (Jungle-Punk-Soul-Surf-Goth-World-Avant-Pop-WILDNESS). DJ Neil Schield and KXLU DJ Bennett (dats me) will be DJing too. Word! Set times below.

9pm: Young Hunting
10pm: Black Flamingo
11pm: NO
12am: Raw Geronimo
DJ: Neil (Origami Vinyl) + Bennett (KXLU)

See you tonight! Check out the Facebook event here.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

TODAY: Imperial Teen in-store 1pm

TODAY!! - We have an exclusive in-store with the infamous Imperial Teen!! Imperial Teen first gained notice with their debut album, Seasick, in 1996, which Spin Magazine declared as the 4th best album of the year, and one of the top 50 albums of all time. 16 years and four albums later, the group has garned a rather reputable status, with inclusion on many "Best of" album lists and gigs opening for The Breeders and Hole. The band recently put out a new record, Feel the Sound, on Merge Records and will be performing tracks from the album here at OV!

The fifth album by Imperial Teen, Feel the Sound, succeeds completely at its goal, plainly stated in the collection’s title. Like the sharpest pop music, Feel the Sound  gets you to keep coming back for more, but unlike so much music today,  it rewards you for doing so, giving you the experience of a fulfilled  and yet still yearning, lively potential, one that will be further  realized when the songs are performed live. Like the sharpest pop music, Feel the Sound  gets you to keep coming back for more, but unlike so much music today,  it rewards you for doing so, giving you the experience of a fulfilled  and yet still yearning, lively potential, one that will be further  realized when the songs are performed live.

Come by for an early one at 1pm with Imperial Teen! Pop music for brunch...yum!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

More USED to wet your whistle...

Caroliner – Rise Of The Common Woodpile (USED-VG)
Cramps – Big Beat From Badsville (USED-FAIR)
Cramps – Fiends Of Dope Island (USED-VG)
Cramps – Smell Of Female (USED-VG)
Henry Cow – The Henry Cow Legend (USED-GOOD)
Killdozer – 12 Point Buck (USED-VG)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Kicking Against The Pricks (USED-GOOD)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Firstborn Is Dead (USED-VG)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Tupelo 12”

TONIGHT: This Frontier Needs Heroes & Levi Strom in-store 7pm

Tonight! We've got a very sweet in-store with two very sweet artists - This Frontier Needs Heroes and Levi Strom. This Frontier Needs Heroes is the Alternative Folk duo of brother-sister Brad and Jessica Lauretti from Brooklyn, NY. Listening to This Frontier Needs Heroes is like having Brad and Jessica play in your backyard while the sun comes up. With their powerful delivery and delicate harmonies; their songs are full of honest, personal stories of love, loss and longing for a better world. After receiving positive feedback on their debut in 2009, TFNH put out their follow-up, THE FUTURE, on their very own Heroic Endeavors Records in May of last year. The record, which was recorded in an old school house in Wassaic, NY, has wild new songs about all of their rambling experiences including new visions about space, family, heroes, history, and dogs.

 Also playing is Big Sur California's own, Levi Strom. When you hear Levi play it's hard not to be drawn in by his powerful voice and presence and by the end everyone in the audience feels like family. His simple, heart-felt tunes are oddly catchy and rich with gravity heavy lyrics well beyond his 30 years. Levi has toured the USA and Europe with folk legend Kath Bloom and is currently working with Bloom on a new record.

Alright! Catch both This Frontier Needs Heroes and Levi Strom TONIGHT at 7pm. See you at the loft.

Friday, March 23, 2012

TONIGHT: Y LA Bamba in-store 6:30pm

Very soon! Y La Bamba will be playing the loft at 6:30pm. They are be here in celebration of their new LP, Court the Storm, out now on Tender Loving Empire.

"With their new album, Court the Storm, Portland OR's Y La Bamba return with a haunting second full-length of delicately crafted art folk. "The voice is most effective when it's indistinguishable from the emotion of the lyric as well as the drama of the rhythm and chords" says NPR's Felix Contreras when discussing Y La Bamba's stunning front-woman, adding "...Luz Elena Mendoza stands very near the front of this pack." On Court the Storm, these ethereal vocals combine with bittersweet melodies and thrumming Latin-inspired rhythms to form an indie pop masterpiece."


Did you hear? Origami Vinyl Presents - MOON BLOCK PARTY DESERT DAZE ∞ DAY 5

Going to Coachella? Not going to Coachella? Regardless, make your way out to the desert on Monday, April 16th for day 5/11 of the awesome Moon Block Party Desert Daze Fest! Origami Vinyl and Tom Tom Magazine are putting on the show and bands such as the Henry Clay People, Races, Living Things (JUST ADDED), NO, The Black Apples, Gothic Tropic, Sister Rogers, Black Flamingo, and Yellow Red Sparks are playing. The show is FREE ($5 suggested donation) and is taking place at an undisclosed location near Dillon's Roadhouse in Desert Hot Springs, CA. The official details are posted below and will be updated as the fest approaches. Definitely make it out if you can, it's going to be tight!! 

RSVP on Facebook here!!

RSVP on Facebook here!!

RSVP on Facebook here!!


****DAY FIVE****
Monday, April 16, 2012
FREE SHOW w/ $5 suggested donation at the door
3:00 PM - 2:00 AM
ALL AGES until 10:00 PM | 21+ AFTER 10:00 PM

featuring live music on 3 stages:
+ guests to be announced



RSVP on Facebook here!!

RSVP on Facebook here!!

RSVP on Facebook here!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

TONIGHT: Brass Tax in-store 7pm

7pm at the loft! We've got an in-store with LA's very own - Brass Tax! The free show is going down in honor of the release of the much anticipated debut, "Brass Tax Album."

The creation of LA-based multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Jada Wagensomer, Brass Tax conjoins 60s soul and garage rock with smart, classic storytelling pop inspired by The Kinks, Van Dyke Parks, Randy Newman, Dusty Springfield, and Harry Nilsson, all tied together with a swath of punk spirit.

The songs on "Brass Tax Album" comprise a work of immaculate detail with wide array of instrumentation (saxophone, violin, lap steel, wurlitzer, wind chimes, kazoo, etc) coloring the spaces between Wagensomer's clever, sometimes dark (sometimes humorous) tales. Growing in depth and resonance with each listen, it's an album that sounds epic and spacious but the subject matter brings it somewhere closer, more intimate. The record was released last month on Neurotic Yell Records on both CD and 12" white vinyl. Come on down at 7pm to score a copy and for some in-store fun! See you there.

TODAY!: Gagakirise in-store 4pm

Tonight - Free in-store with Gagakirise!! The show is going on at the loft at 4pm. From the underground of the capitol city of Japan: Tokyo, two long-black-hair (and skinny) dudes are trying to break something with full-contact karate guitar riffs and unstoppable drums.

The two met in 2008 and realized they both hate moths. The band was named Gagakirise, meaning "We hate moths." As soon as the volcanic sounds sprang from a tiny but cozy space, they started gaining attention of indie music fans in Tokyo. Then it spread out all over Japan and Gagakirise received an invitation for SXSW in 2009. In Japan, Gagakirise has played with many great bands/musicians like Juiceboxxx, Vivian Girls and My Disco. Also, they have released splits with Juiceboxxx and Fiasco.

They hit the US twice, including SXSW 2009 and 2010, and now they are going to meet Californians. This may get many people surprised and tell them, only the tip of an iceberg though, what current Japanese music is like. 
Gagakirise will tell you how fun music is.
Definitely make it out to OV today if you're in the mood for some Japanese noise rock! See you then.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TONIGHT: In-Store Lou Barlow/Sentridoh 7pm

Do you ever dream that it is 1987 and you are in the presence of Lou Barlow watching him perform in an awesome record store? Well tonight we are making all your dreams come true. The lo-fi legend himself,  Lou Barlow will be performing as Sentridoh, his first solo project that started in his parent's basement while he was working with Dinosaur Jr. This album, Weed Forestin, (which Barlow insists he was not high when he recorded this) is being reissued along with bonus material from Child of the Apocalypse and can be found on Sentridoh's bandcamp. Described as the most "barlow-centric" album, it was originally only released in a limited amount of cassettes in 1987 then in 1990 released on CD's by Homestead under his other high acclaimed project Sebadoh--flash forward to 2012--Weed Forestin is being released as 1,000 vinyl records, 150 double packaged CD's and 150 cassette tapes. Better get your hands on one these gems, especially since it just scored best new music on Pitchfork! See you tonight at 7pm!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Releases for Your Ears!

Check out the goodness!

New Releases

The Entrance Band – Untitled

Lee Ranaldo – Between the Times and the Tides

Gentleman Jesse – Leaving Atlanta

Tanlines – Mixed Emotions

Lost in the Trees – A Church That Fits Our Needs

+++ these!
Battles – Dross Glop 3 12”
Bruce Haak – The Electronic Record For Children
Carolina Chocolate Drops – Leaving Eden
Daniel Rossen – Silent Hour / Golden Mile
Dirty Ghosts – Metal Moon
Half String – Maps For Sleep 1991-1994
Luke Roberts – The Iron Gates at Throop and Newport
Mac Demarco – Only You 7”
Mac Demarco – Rock and Roll Night Club
Magic Castles – S/T
Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s – Rot Gut, Domestic
Mirroring – Foreign Body
Punch Brothers – Who’s Feeling Young Now
Rommates – Winnifred 7”
Unsane – Wreck
White Hills – S/T

New Adds:
Beach Fossils – Shallow 7”
Wild Nothing – Nowhere 7”
Dizzy Gillespie / Astrud Gilberto: The Best Of Perception & Today Records 7"
Good Old War - Come Back As Rain
Jesse Ruins – Dream Analysis
Lapalux - When You're Gone
Nedry - In A Dim Light
Now, Now – Threads
Paul Weller - Wake Up The Nation
Swing Kids - Situations On Mars 7"
Thieves Like Us – Bleed Bleed Bleed
V/A - DJ Kicks: The Exclusives
V/A - Trevor Jackson Presents Metal Dance: Industrial / Post Punk / EBM: Classics & Rarities 80-88
Yellow Ostrich - Strange Land

Beach Fossils – Face It 7”
Blouse – S/T
Craft Spells – Party Talk 7”
Dive – Sometime 7”
Soft Metals – S/T
The Soft Moon – S/T
The Wake – Crush The Flowers 7”
The Wake – On Our Honeymoon 7”
Wild Nothing – Cloudbusting 7”
Wild Nothing – Gemini
Wild Nothing – Golden Haze
Wild Nothing – Summer Holiday 7”

Record Club Tonight/Lost in Tree Listening Party @ El Prado Bar

That's right folks! Come check out what your neighbors think are cool! We'll be playing their select choices as well as some of our own!. If ya wanna partake in a future one, just come High Five us at that bar and we'll hand ya the sign-up sheet. As a bonus we'll buy ya a beer or glass of wine for participating!

ALSO - we'll be having an exclusive listening party of the new Lost in Trees record! Lush clusters of piano, a mysterious  sound  that might  be something  being unwrapped,  or paper  crushed  for kindling,  and  A Church  That  Fits Our  Needs,  the second  album  by North  Carolina group  LOST  IN  THE  TREES,  presents itself  as  a work  of vaulting  ambition,  a cathedral built on loss and transformation. In the summer of 2009 Ari Picker – writer, composer, and architect of the band  – lost his mother,  an  artist  in  her  own  right,  when  she  took  her  own  life.  Picker was in the midst of releasing his band’s debut album,  All  Alone  in  an  Empty House,  a  collection  of  folkinflected  songs  that  surprised  with  its  orchestral  arrangements,  to an  acclaim  usually  reserved  for  seasoned veterans. The result is A Church That Fits Our Needs, an  album  that  can  stand  beside  not  only  musical  journeys  like Neil  Young’s  Tonight’s  the  Night  and  Bon  Iver’s  For  Emma,  Forever  Ago,  but  also  such literature  of  loss  as  Joan  Didion’s  The  Year  of  Magical  Thinking. Such is the  honesty  of Picker’s  writing  that  he  lays  before  us  his  loss  in  all  its  complexity  of  sadness,  fear,  joy,  and wonder.
LA Deets:
Origami Vinyl Presents Record Club LA
Every Tuesday Night at 9pm 'til 1am
@ El Prado  1805 W. Sunset Blvd Across the Street from Origami.

Hope to see you tonight!

TODAY: Now, Now in-store 1:30pm

Today! We have an exclusive early afternoon in-store going on at the loft. Performing live is Now, Now - a youthful trio out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band, composed of Cacie Dalager (Vocals, Guitar), Jess  Abbot (Vocals, Guitar), and Brad Hale (Drums, Synth). Now, Now recently put out their second full-length, Threads, on Trans-Records.  The record is described as an exploration of the fragile and often transitory nature of our existence, our perceived understanding of the world around us and relationships shared with others physically and emotionally. Produced by Howard Redekopp (Tegan and Sara, An Horse, New Pornographers), Threads forms a sprawling sonic endeavor that showcases the bands incredible growth as songwriters and musicians. Vulnerable vocals give way to oceans of sound retaining definition via deftly layered guitar parts augmented by lingering synths which alternate between background and center stage.

With the album complete, Now, Now look to the future with great anticipation. “This band feels like an extension of us as people,” explains Dalager. “It’s something we’ve been nurturing for a long time and is all we really care about;something we’ve worked really hard for and need to make happen no matter what.” See you today at 1:30pm!

Monday, March 19, 2012

TONIGHT: NO Residency at the Echo Night 3

Monday fun-day! Tonight we have night 3 of the free NO residency at The Echo (two doors down). If you haven't caught the last two residencies, definitely make it out TONIGHT. After today there will be only one more show left (:-/). NO put out their 12" on our very own Origami Vinyl record label last month and have since been receiving some rather favorable feedback from all of you fans. They played a whole ton of shows at SXSW last week. They killed it! Tonight, they're playing with Line and Circle (indie/alt), Mwahaha (electro pop), and LA Font (garage rock w/pop influence). Ghost Blood will be DJing too. Set times below.

9pm: Line & Circle
10p: Mwahaha
11pm: NO
12am LA Font
DJ: Ghost Blood

See you tonight! Check out the Facebook event here.

TONIGHT: Little Tybee in-store 7pm

Tonight! We've got an exclusive in-store with Paste Magazine's #1 Atlanta band to watch in 2012 - Little Tybee.

The core of each of their songs begins in the relentless and creative mind of vocalist/guitarist/pianist Brock Scott. The songs mature through the dedicated musicianship of 8-string guitarist Josh Martin, violinist Nirvana Kelly, bassist Ryan Donald, and percussionist Pat Brooks. Since the release of their first LP last year, they have discovered that change is not only inevitable, but indeed good.

While DIY in nature, Little Tybee collaborated with over 14 Atlanta instrumentalists to produce their latest album, Humorous to Bees (Paper Garden Records). With this release, Little Tybee has proven that they are just as adept at writing lilting pop ballads and sprawling orchestral melodies as they are with Motown and Tropicalia. At last, Little Tybee has found their unique voice, and they are blasting their sound with little care for the neighbors. Let's hope Two Boots, The Echo, and Backside don't mind ;). See you at 7pm!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

And, yes... there are more. USED!

30 Amp Fuse - Sorry(?) 7" (USED-VG)
Al Green - S/T (USED-GOOD)
Black Sabbath - Sabatoge (USED-FAIR)
Blood Sausage - Happy Little Bullshit Boy 10" (USED-VG)
Brian Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets (USED-FAIR)
Burning Spear - Man In The Hills (USED-FAIR)
Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady (USED-FAIR)
Carnival Of Souls - Real Song 7" (USED-VG)
Chuck Jackson & Tammi Terrell - The Early Show (USED-GOOD)
Crackerbash - Tin Toy 10" (USED-GOOD)
David Bowie - Diamond Dogs (USED-GOOD)
David Bowie - Station Station (USED-GOOD)
Elvis Costello - My Aim Is True (USED-FAIR)
Elvis Costello - Taking Liberties (USED-VG)
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Armed Forces (USED-GOOD)
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (USED-GOOD)
Four Tet v Pole EP (USED-GOOD)
Frank Zappa - Chunga's Revenge (USED-FAIR)
Free Kitten w/ We and DJ Spooky 12" (USED-FAIR)
Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come (USED-GOOD)
Joni Mitchell - Ladies Of The Canyon (USED-GOOD)
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti (USED-FAIR)
Lee Scratch Perry - Battle Of Armigideon (Millionaire Liquidation) (USED-FAIR)
Madness - One Step Beyond… (USED-FAIR)
Magazine - Real Life (USED-FAIR)
Mandrill - The Best Of Mandrill (USED-GOOD)
Marvin Gaye - I Want You (USED-GOOD)
Moby - That's When I Reach For My Revolver 12" (USED-GOOD)
Money Mark - Mark's Keyboard Repair 10” (USED-GOOD)
Morrissey - Certain People I Know (USED-GOOD)
Neil Young - American Stars 'N Bars (USED-GOOD)
Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad (USED-FAIR)
OST - Beat Street (USED-FAIR)
OST - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (USED-VG)
OST - The Story Of Star Wars (USED-GOOD)
Owls - S/T – Blue Vinyl! (USED-FAIR)
Pink Floyd - Animals (USED-GOOD)
Pink Floyd - Masters Of Rock Vol. 1 (USED-GOOD)
Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus - Rastafari (USED-GOOD)
Rolling Stones - It's Only Rock 'N Roll (USED-GOOD)
Squarepusher - Plays… 12" (USED-GOOD)
Stevie Wonder - In Square Circle (USED-VG)
T.S.O.L. - Dance With Me (USED-FAIR)
The Beatles - Hey Jude (USED-GOOD)
The Box Tops - The Letter / Neon Rainbow (USED-GOOD)
The Clash - Combat Rock (USED-FAIR)
The Dub Generals - S/T (USED-FAIR)
The Mixtures - Pushbike Song 7" (USED-VG)
The Mothers Of Invention / Burnt Weeny Sandwich (USED-FAIR)
The Police - Outlandos d'Amour (USED-GOOD)
The Rolling Stones - Some Girls (USED-GOOD)
The Thievery Corporation - 2001 Spliff Odyssey 12" (USED-VG)
Tina Turner - Private Dancer (USED-VG)
To Rococo Rot - The Amateur View (USED-GOOD)
V/A - Jazz At The Philharmonic (USED-GOOD)
Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece (USED-GOOD)
Yazoo - Upstairs At Eric's (USED-GOOD)
ZZ Top - Tres Hombres (USED-GOOD)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another Nice USED Record Buy!

And folks the hits keep coming! Check this nice little lot of USED stuff we just put out!

Code of Honor - beware of the savage jaw (USED-VG)
Government Issue - Boycott Stabb (USED-VG)
Henry Cow - Unrest (USED-VG)
Henry Cow - Western Culture (USED-VG)
Meat Puppets - Huevos (USED-VG)
Naked Raygun - Understand? (USED-VG)
None of the Above - N.O.T.A. (USED-VG)
Rank and File - Rank and File 12" (USED-VG)
Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Scream (USED-VG)
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Join Hands (USED-VG)
Social Distortion - Mommy's Little Monster (USED-GOOD)
Sonic Youth + Lydia Lunch - Death Valley 69 12" (USED-VG)
Subhumans - Time Flies…But Aeroplanes Crash (USED-VG)

Friday, March 16, 2012

New! AND USED! We're running out of space to put all these awesome records!

Therefore, you should come buy them!

Converge / Dropdead - Split 7"
DROPDEAD - S/T (Reissue)
Henry Thomas - Bull Doze Blues
Mind Spiders – Meltdown
Peaking Lights - Imaginary Falcons
Peaking Lights - Space Primitive
Pulp - Freaks (Reissue)
Pulp - IT (Reissue)
Pulp - Separations (Reissue)
S/S/S - Beak & Claw 12" (Sufjan/Serengeti/Son Lux)
SBTRKT - Wildfire 12"
The Runaways - And Now… (Reissue)
V/A - Time To Go: The Southern Psychedelic Moment: 1981-86
Yellow Fever - S/T

A Flock of Seagulls - Listen (USED-VG)
Adam And The Ants - Dirk Wears White Sox (USED-GOOD)
Bad News - S/T (USED-VG)
Bouncing Off Bob - Cha Cha Cha At The Coral Reef (USED-VG)
Bryan Ferry - Don't Stop The Dance (USED-GOOD)
Bryan Ferry / Roxy Music - Street Life: 20 Great Hits (USED-VG)
Cocteau Twins - AIKEA 12" (USED-VG)
Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll (USED-VG)
Cocteau Twins - Garlands (USED-VG)
Cocteau Twins - Head Over Heels (USED-VG)
Cocteau Twins - Love's Easy Tears 12" (USED-GOOD)
Cocteau Twins - Lovers are Mortal (Orange Vinyl) (USED-VG)
Cocteau Twins - Lullabies 12" (USED-GOOD)
Cocteau Twins - Peppermint Pig 12" (USED-VG)
Cocteau Twins - Tiny Dynamine 12" (USED-VG)
Cocteau Twins - Treasure (USED-FAIR)
Cocteau Twins - Unrealised Dreams Picture Disk (USED-VG)
Colourbox - Baby I Love You 12" (USED-GOOD)
Colourbox - S/T (USED-GOOD)
Colourbox - S/T 12" (USED-VG)
Colourbox - Say You 12" (USED-VG)
Cowboy Junkies - The Caution Horses (USED-VG)
Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session (USED-FAIR)
Dave Edmunds - The Best Of.. (USED-VG)
Dead Can Dance - Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun (USED-GOOD)
Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward (USED-VG)
DEVO - Shout 12" (USED-VG)
Duran Duran - S/T (USED-VG)
Eddie Cochran - Great Hits (USED-VG)
Elvis Costello - Blue Chair 12" (USED-VG)
Elvis Presley - 40 Greatest (Pink Vinyl) (USED-VG)
Elvis Presley - Sings Hits From His Movies Volume 1 (USED-VG)
Everything But The Girl - Love Not Money (USED-VG)
Fat Boys - S/T (USED-VG)
Fifty Four Forty - Fight For Love (USED-VG)
Harold Budd - The White Arcades (USED-VG)
Hoodoo Gurus - Blow Your Cool! (USED-VG)
Hoodoo Gurus - Mars Needs Guitars (USED-GOOD)
Hoodoo Gurus - Stoneage Romeos (USED-VG)
Indigo Girls - S/T (USED-VG)
Jean-Michel Jarre - Zoo Look (USED-FAIR)
Joe Jackson - Big World (USED-GOOD)
Joe Jackson - Blaze of Glory (USED-VG)
Joe Jackson - Body and Soul (USED-VG)
Joe Jackson - Jumpin' Jive (USED-VG)
Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! (USED-GOOD)
Joe Jackson - Night and Day (USED-VG)
Joe Jackson - Will Power TEST PRESSING (USED-GOOD)
Kraftwerk - Autobahn (USED-FAIR)
Kraftwerk - Tour De France 12" (USED-VG)
Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express (USED-VG)
Laurie Anderson - Big Science (USED-FAIR)
Lene Lovich - New Toy (USED-GOOD)
Louis Jordan - Knock Me Out (USED-VG)
Madonna - Live To Tell 12" (USED-VG)
Madonna - Open Your Heart (USED-VG)
Madonna - Who's That Girl (USED-VG)
Marshall Crenshaw - S/T (USED-VG)
Marvin Gaye - Super Hits (USED-VG)
Mohammed El-Bakkar and his Oriental Ensemble - Sultan of Bagdad (USED-GOOD)
New Order - Blue Monday 12" (USED-GOOD)
New Order - Low Life (USED-FAIR)
New Order - State Of The Nation 12" (USED-VG)
Nick Lowe - Nick Lowe And His Cowboy Outfit (USED-VG)
Nick Lowe - Pure Pop For Now People (USED-GOOD)
Oingo Boingo - Skeletons In The Closet (USED-GOOD)
OST - She's Having A Baby (USED-VG)
OST - Tucker (USED-VG)
Prefab Sprout - From Langley Park To Memphis (USED-VG)
Prefab Sprout - Two Wheels Good (USED-GOOD)
Rachel Sweet - Fool Around (USED-VG)
Rachel Sweet - Fool Around (USED-VG)
Ramones - Pleasant Dreams (USED-VG)
Romantics - Strictly Personal (USED-VG)
Roy Orbison - In Dreams: The Greatest Hits (USED-VG)
Rush - Live! A Show Of Hands (USED-VG)
Ry Cooder - Paris, Texas Soundtrack (USED-VG)
Scruffy the Cat - Moons of Jupiter (USED-GOOD)
Shannon - Let The Music Play 12" (USED-VG)
Simple Minds - New Gold Dream (USED-GOOD)
Smiths - Ask 12" (USED-VG)
Smiths - Girlfriend In A Coma 12" (USED-GOOD)
Smiths - S/T (USED-GOOD)
Smiths - What Difference Does It Make 12" (USED-VG)
Spinal Tap - This Is Spinal Tap Soundtrack (USED-VG)
Squeeze - 6 Squeeze Songs Crammed Into One Ten-Inch Record (USED-VG)
Squeeze - frank. (USED-VG)
Steely Dan - Greatest Hits (USED-VG)
Stray Cats - S/T (USED-GOOD)
Tears For Fears - Songs From The Big Chair (USED-FAIR)
The B-52's - Wild Planet (USED-FAIR)
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry (USED-VG)
The dB's - Like This (USED-VG)
The dB's - The Sound of Music (USED-FAIR)
The Dukes of Stratosphere - Psonic Psunspot (USED-FAIR)
The Joe Jackson Band - Beat Crazy (USED-VG)
The Smithereens - Green Thoughts (USED-GOOD)
The Sundays - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (USED-VG)
The Ventures - S/T (USED-VG)
The Ventures - Surfing (USED-FAIR)
The Worst of Monty Python's Flying Circus Soundtrack (USED-VG)
This Mortal Coil - It'll End In Tears (USED-GOOD)
Thomas Dolby - Aliens Ate My Buick (USED-VG)
Thomas Dolby - The Flat Earth (USED-GOOD)
Thompson Twins - Into The Gap (USED-VG)
Ultra Vivid Scene - She Screamed 12" (USED-VG)
V/A - 101 Sound Effects (USED-VG)
V/A - First Edition (USED-GOOD)
V/A - Lonely Is An Eyesore (USED-FAIR)
V/A - Sound Effects Volume 14 (USED-VG)
XTC - Dear God 12" (USED-VG)
XTC - English Settlement (USED-VG)
XTC - Love On A Farmboy's Wages 12" (USED-VG)