Friday, September 30, 2011

Neil recommends...

Back in the days of Neil's long hair, the album he chose was originally released. He is having 80's flashbacks and recommends this awesome album:

Dead Moon "In The Graveyard"
Reissued for the first time - Dead Moon's first record! Originally released in 1988, Dead Moon were a band that existed outside of the constraints that time and style usually impose on artists. An authentic mix of psychedelic rock, punk, blues, country, and every other American music worth a damn!

IN-STORE TONIGHT!! The Dead Ships @ 8pm

Woohoo! Echo Park based band, The Dead Ships, are coming in to the loft tonight to celebrate the release of their new 7". What's better than a catchy-chorused, garage rock duo ready to please? Nothing. That's why you should come out and hang with all of us at Origami Vinyl at 8pm. You won't regret it!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


SURPRISE!!!!! We're having another listening party and this one's another doozy!! Ashes & Fire marks the return of an artist we know most of you have missed since his "retirement"...Ryan Adams. TONIGHT we'll be playing the record in it's entirety and afterwards you will have a chance to win a test pressing of the record to take home with you a full month before the record comes out. How sick is that?!?!?! PLUS we'll also be giving away a pair of tickets to a private show on 10/10. So many ways to win!!

Here are the deets:
Ryan Adams "Ashes & Fire" Listening Party
Friday, September 30th
@ Origami Vinyl - 7pm
Win a test pressing of the LP or a pair of tix to a private Ryan Adams concert on 10/10!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Xiu Xiu - Fabulous Muscles (USED-VG)
Lemonheads - Hate Your Friends (USED-VG)
The Germs - What We Do Is Secret (USED-GOOD)
Mission Of Burma - S/T (USED-VG) RYKO Clear Vinyl
V/A - Dangerhouse Volume One (USED-VG) The Avengers, Dills, Black Randy, etc.
Bob Dylan - Another Side Of Bob Dylan (USED-GOOD)
Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A Changing (USED-GOOD)
Bob Dylan - S/T (USED-VG)
The Lemonheads - Lovely (USED-VG)

IN STORE Tonight at 7pm: Boogie Monster!!

You know what we like here at Origami Vinyl? Lots of drums. And that is exactly what you will hear from Canadian band, Boogie Monster, along with heavy guitars and metallic melodies. Come to the loft tonight at 7 pm to get your ears scraped off by killer music.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Dum Dum Girls – Only In Dreams

Hanni El Khatib – Will The Guns Come Out

Tune-Yards – Gangsta 12”

Twin Sister – In Heaven

Thundercat – The Golden Age Of Apocalypse

Dominant Legs – Invitation

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Walking In Unison 12”

Jacuzzi Boys – Glazin’

Sleep-Over – Forever

Veronica Falls – S/T

Alias – Fever Dream
Arthur Russell – Let’s Go Swimming
Dead In The Dirt – Fear 7”
Forbidden Friends – Totally Low
Gem Club – Breakers
Hagar The Womb – A Brighter Shade Of Black
Joker – Here Come The Lights (Fest. Silas – Turboweekend)
Lou Champagne System – No Visible Means
Male Bonding – Endless Now
Matthew Sweet – Modern Art
Nick Waterhouse – Is That Clear 7”
Plaid – Scintilli
Real Estate – It’s Real 7”
Ringo Deathstar – Sparkler
Sole & The Skyrider Band – Hello Cruel World
Southern Culture On The Skids – Zombified
Spank Rock – Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A F___ing Liar
Stare Case – Lose Today
The Spits – S/T
Those Darlins – Screws Get Loose 7”
TV On The Radio – New Health Rock
Yob – Atma
Young Man – Ideas Of Distance
Zounds – Singles Box 1980-1984
Zounds – The Curse Of Zounds
Zounds – The Redemption Of Zounds

Get easy!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Yeah, I'm still not done with that. Anyhizzle, we got stuff for you. Love your guts!

Bob Dylan - Desire (USED-VG)
Husker Du - New Day Rising (USED-VG)
The Jim Carrol Band - Catholic Boy (USED-VG)
Husker Du - Warehouse: Songs And Stories (USED-VG)
Ed's Redeeming Qualities - More Bad Times (USED-VG)
Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street (USED-GOOD)
Radiohead - King Of Limbs Newspaper Edition (USED-VG)
Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 64 - 71 (USED-FAIR)
Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed (USED-Fair)
Pere Ubu - The Art Of Walking (USED-VG)

Loves ya
-Surly Giant

Wilco Listening Party!! TONIGHT @ 8pm!

We know Wilco. We know you know Wilco. At this point nobody should be starting a "Who is Wilco" tumblr. Now... ready yourself for a perception changing experience. The opening to "The Whole Love" is going to make you shake yr head, smile, and then watch as your brain matter slowly leaks from your tear ducts. We had to listen to it multiple times in a row it was so good!! That being said we are very proud to introduce you to a Wilco you don't know yet. This Monday night at 8:00pm we'll be unveiling this bad boy AND serving you delicious pizza from Two Boots. Come hear their new LP in its entirety and purchase the album right on the spot!! Free pizza, free listening, all ages, what could be better?

Check Out the 24 Foundation!

We, at Origami Vinyl, are all about sharing the love of music and arts with the community. We recently heard about an organization called The 24 Foundation and thought it was really awesome, so awesome that we thought to share it with you! With a motto of "Creativity as the Catalyst for Healing the Soul," the foundation brings in kids with troubled pasts to teach them how to use art as a form of healing. Currently, the foundation is looking for visual artists, guitarists, and drummers that want to share their talents with the youth. You can volunteer your time as an artist or as a mentor. To learn more about how to help visit!

If you don't think you could commit to helping out as a mentor, you can also help out by donating instruments, amps, cameras, etc. The list of stuff they are looking for can be found here:

Another recommendation from the Surly Giant..

That's right, folks. Your favorite Grumpy Gus, Matt, has written you a wonderful new review this week. How does one write a scathing yet complimentary review all at once? Read on my friends, read on..

Fucked Up - David Comes To Life

I wasn't really into this record when it came out, but like the band itself, it has grown on me. Sandwiched somewhere in between post rock, hard core, and pop punk, this album explores a lot of territory. Tired of Pink Eyes constant brutal yelling? That's cool - they let some one else sing on the next song. Tired of all this Glen Branca guitar build up? Calm down dude! The next song is super poppy and fun! Are you whining about this song being to slow? Geez, okay, okay it gets faster right...Now! Following in the tradition of Zen Arcade or Double Nickles On The Dime, David Comes To Life is as ambitious as it is challenging.

Fucked Up - David Comes To Life

Stay tuned for more reviews from your favorite Origami employees!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey Nerds! Here Are Some Stupid Used Records!

Just kidding, we love you, and we're pretty sure you cannot out nerd this staff.... Anyway, here's some discs that hit the bin tonight.

The Crusaders - The Second Crusade (USED-VG)
V/A - The Beat (USED-VG)
Adam & The Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier (USED-FAIR)
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies (USED-VG)
Adam And The Ants - Prince Charming (USED-VG)
Trio - Trio And Error (USED-VG)
OST - Song Writer (USED-VG)
Sex Pistols - Nevermind The Bollocks Heres The Sex Pistols (USED - VG)
Sid & Nancy - OST (USED-VG)
The Who - Quadrophenia


Saturday, September 24, 2011

TONIGHT!! In Store: Veronica Falls @ 5 PM

Come on in to see the UK band, Veronica Falls! Their tunes are super awesome- slightly haunting, catchy, and reminiscent of 60's garage surf rock. Their songs make us want to shake our tail feathers. Catch them at the loft at 5:00pm...and check out the new 7" Bad Feeling

Friday, September 23, 2011

Echo Park Art Walk + Shop Hop THIS Saturday!! 10% OFF!

Lucky for you the Echo Park Community has banded together to create awesome deals and musical performances along Sunset between Mohawk and Laguna this Saturday. If you come in you can buy anything in the store for 10% off and also see Veronica Falls perform at 7 pm! Make sure you come in to say hi and grab your deals. Visit to learn more. Woohoo!

IN-STORE TONIGHT! Mothers Of Gut @ 7pm

Riverside natives, Mothers of Gut, are so fucking awesome they make us convulse with acidic waves of pleasure. Their sounds are heavily distorted with pealing guitars and psychedelic melodies that chill to the bone. Check them out at our loft at 7:00pm. You won't be disappointed!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Adam & The Ants - Dirk Wears White Sox (USED-VG)
OST - Suburbia (USED-VG)
Ramones - End Of The Century (USED-GOOD)
Steve Earl - Guitar Town (USED-VG)
Los Lobos - By The Light Of The Moon (USED-VG)
Nick Lowe - Nick The Nife (USED-VG)
The Knitters - Poor Little Critter On The Road (USED-VG)
The Plimsouls - Zero Hour E.P. (USED-VG)
OST - Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (USED-VG)

Also we still have those Uncle Tupelo 7"s. That's right we still have Gun and I Got Drunk.
So come on down!


We're trying to play it cool over here..

...but we've got something really exciting to tell you. You might have heard of this little band called Black Flag... or the Circle Jerks.. or Off! Do you see where we're going with this? What do these bands have in common besides being really fucking awesome? A fine gentleman named Keith Morris.

We are so insanely honored to announce that he has agreed to do "Keith's Picks." Every few weeks, we're going to post a few choice records that Keith is into. I mean, who doesn't want to listen to what he's listening to? So.. here it goes. This week Keith chose:
Brian Eno - Before And After Science

Guided By Voices - Under The Bushes Under The Stars

Misfits - Walk Among Us

Sonic Youth - Evol

If you haven't listened to any of these records, don't you think it's time you gave them a try? Thanks Keith! Until next week..

NEW RELEASES (Better late than never, right?)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah “Hysterical”

Waters “Out In The Light”

Megafaun “S/T"

Nurses “Dracula"

Jens Lekman “An Argument With Myself”

Trust “Bulbform” 12”

Social Climbers “S/T”

Cave “Neverendless”

Evangelista “In Animal Tongue”

AZITA “Disturbing The Air”
Jimi Hendrix “Hendrix In The West”
Meg Baird “Season On Earth”
Saviours “Death’s Procession”
Sic Alps “Battery Townsley” 7”
Tammar “Visits”
UV Pop “Just A Game” 7”

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Store: TONIGHT! Cute Lepers @ 7pm

OH HEY!! This video is NSFW...or on an empty stomach
Now I've got a crazy desire to put frosting all over my body...wait what?! Coming in from Seattle, Cute Lepers, will take you back to '77 punk and power pop similar to that of Generation X and Buzzcocks. A little more pop than punk that will make you want to dance your shoes off. Come check out the band and pick up a rekkid or 6.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Today WATERS is coming into the loft to share his exploded brain matter with YOU! The band features Port O'Brien's, Van Pierszalowski. His new project is taking on similar melodic strides as Port O'Brien but with a fuzzier, more aggressive sound. We really dig the new record "Out in the Light"...check out the video below for a satisfying draught of WATERS then come out at 7:00pm tomorrow evening to check out Van and his Norwegian bandmates!

Neil recommends..

As we all know, Neil often DJ's events around town. Today, his recommendation is an album that he takes everywhere.. and we mean everywhere... We tried to tell him that he can't play records in the bathtub but he didn't listen. What album floats his boat? Why it's:

V/A - The Hidden Tapes
A MUST play every time I DJ, this compilation features obscure and rare minimal wave tracks from the early 80's. The sounds on this record range from raw proto-industrial to naive danceable Belgradian new wave, to filmic synthesizer music to more complex, vocal-driven melodic synthpop.

Available at the shop now! So come on down and grab it!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Matt recommends...

Our resident grouch, Matt, may look like a surly giant but he's actually just a big softy that likes electronic music, his cat, and long walks on the beach. This week, the album that has been turning his frown upside down is:

The Rapture - In the Grace of Your Love

4/4 time signatures, tasteful synths, and perfect, in the pocket bass lines, this album delivers some of the most expressive dance music I've heard all year. The title track is a punky homage to the gospel infused house of the early 90's. For fans of house, disco, post punk, Bowie, Eno, Talking Heads, or Tom Tom Club. Just to name a few.

Check it out for yourself and then come on down to the store and get the album! I promise that Matt will give you a smile.. or at least a high five.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things are happening...

Next time you visit the store, you might notice a couple of changes to our walls. At the risk of being presumptuous, we thought you might like to hear what records we're really into right now. So, we're excited to announce our staff reviews! Every few weeks or so, your favorite Origami employees are going to pick their favorite records and tell you why they like them in the hopes that maybe you'll be into them too! We'll be posting them here too so you can see whats up even before you visit us in the store. Without further ado.. I present Neil's pick for this week:

Gardens & Villa "S/T"
These Santa Barbara guys played in our loft not too long ago and blew my mind. The lead song on this album, "Black Hills", may be one of my favorite songs of the year. It's super poppy but in a clever way, where they may channel Gary Numan at one point or The Shins and Spoon at another. Fucking awesome!

Have a listen for yourself!

Ok, so now you love it right? The first five people who buy this album get a free gift! I'd tell you what it was but that would ruin the fun. Trust me, it's pretty unexpected and pretty awesome.

Keep coming back for more reviews from us.. Next up: Find out which album puts a rare smile on Matt's face.

In Store: Appetite @ 7 pm Tonight!

Appetite is a band started by drummer, Teddy Briggs, to simply share the music that he writes in his free time. We think their tunes are really rad - really beats heavy, at times dance-y, and at others, just sort of weird in the best way possible. Songs that'll really blow your hair back. Come down at 7 to check them out!

Friday, September 16, 2011

TONIGHT!! Witch Hat + Ken Seeno IN STORE @ 7pm

Comin' atcha from Baltimore are Witch Hat, which means super RAD stop start post-hardcore madness!!! Think early Helmet meets Jesus Lizard, which we think fucking SLAYS!!!

for an example listen to this awesomeness
Your Dog Ate Rat Poison by Witch Hat

Also joining them is Los Angeles based Ken Seeno formerly of PONYTAIL. He will be bringing his magical sounds of electronic bliss to balance out the madness. I seriously feel like I'm in Blade Runner while listening to his jams.
Inseparable by Ken Seeno


Did you know that Girls are going to play a free, all ages concert TODAY at Grimey’s down in Nashville. You didn’t? Well that's cool. But listen now, cuz we got some knowledge to break off on ya.

To celebrate this week's release of Father, Son, Holy Ghost (freshly minted Best New Music by the P-Fork) we’re going to be live webcasting today's Nashville concert from Grimey’s, joining the websites, blogs and Facebooks of participating independent record stores across the nation. It’s the first ever NATIONWIDE in-store performance. GIRLS ACROSS AMERICA!

So TODAY at 5pm make sure to tune in to to watch the performance Live From Nashville. (Just click the image above and it will take you straight there!)

……aaaand there’s more: Girls will also be creating a limited edition vinyl release that will be made available to you later this year.

All of this adds up to tons of badass music for you!! w00t!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ladytron - Gravity The Seducer

Drums - Portamento

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Hysterical

Waters - Out In The Light

Saviours - Death's Procession

More poop for your chute!!

TONIGHT'S INSTORE: You Are Plural + Maria Taylor @ 7:00pm

Did you know we wake up regularly thinking "How can we blow people's minds today?". Well a little while ago we were turned onto You Are Plural and we thought "YEAH, THAT'S THE TICKET!". So we are so excited to have them here tonight for a mind-blowingly good time.

You Are Plural was formed while on the road. On the long drives
between cities, Ephriam Nagler and Jen Grady discussed the
band they would start once they returned home. Both agreed to
write music that would make sweat bead up and blind their sight
when performing. Armed with the cello and the wurlitzer electric
piano, they returned home to a small room in San Francisco and
began composing music that has been described as “from a
different time.”

Check out the title track from their No More EP below.
No More by You Are Plural

AND, as an added bonus, just prior to Y.A.P., Maria Taylor (of Azure Ray fantasticness) will be playing songs from her new solo album Overlook.

Matador by Maria Taylor (From the upcoming Album "Overlook")

See you on the other side of the day!