Friday, July 17, 2009

It's pronounced Sue-Me

Tomorrow at 7pm Origami Vinyl is excited to welcome Damion Suomi.

His new album "Self Titled" has it's roots in Country, Folk, & Irish music, but the intensity of his voice will pull you out of any categorizing you might attempt. These are songs you could easily imagine a band going for but in stripping them down Damion brings out the raw emotion and intimacy.

Taking a quote from his site "If you’ve ever searched out aged whisky to help you sort things out, then DAMION will be your preacher. If you’ve held onto your friends and lovers like stolen money, then DAMION's self-titled album will be your holy book to keep at your side. It will remind you to smile when sadness comes crashing in because you have to have them both to live."

Come, see and feel!

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