Thursday, August 20, 2009

5Signs- Left-Hand Acquisition

Late last night a man named Chad came in and put a record on consignment, and he gave us a copy to play in the store. It's called "Left-Hand Acquisition," and the group is 5Signs. The packaging wasn't what you'd call catchy- a blank white sleeve with a semi-interesting sticker for credits and tracks and a UPC, and a few nice line-drawings of hands. But then I put it on...and felt compelled to tell YOU about it!

I'm not hip hop's biggest fan. The in-your-face nature of it just gets me, among other things. But this record is different- it says something without yelling. There is beautiful instrumentation here, placed on top of beats that don't bash you over the head but take you for a ride instead. You absorb it immediately, but you catch subtleties- expertly placed hi-hat taps, echoing brass, and lots of layers- that make its replay value known even on the first listen. Bravo guys, and thanks to Chad for putting this awesome record in our store! There are 3 copies- come and get the real hop at Origami Vinyl.

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  1. thanks for the write up. we would love to come play at your beautiful new store.