Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Holy Smokes! Tonight is Record Club!

Well, hello there trusty allies of Record Club!!!

Tonight we bring you another swell helping of boss LPs.

Here's a sneak of what will be happening:

Arty: "I am just tickled to be alive. I'm gonna bring in some disco tonight! Orange Juice's "Rip It Up". I hear its pretty rare and I wanna hear what it sounds like while I'm boozin'"

Casey: "My name's Casey. Ummm, something about myself... I started collecting records about a year ago, but haven't gotten a huge collection (actually the record I'm offering is my friend Greg's, who's also playing a record tonight). One day I'll remember to bring one of my own!
The record is Methodrone, by the Brian Jonestown Massacre. It's their first studio album, though they had made a couple on their own before this one. They're not known for the genre on this album, shoegaze, as they are for popularizing the resurgence of 60s Stones-like rock in the 90s. They come from the Bay Area, and have been around for almost 20 years now. Their lineup is constantly changing, mostly because of a very tumultuous relationship between the band frontman, Anton Newcombe, and the rest of the members, a relationship documented in the acclaimed documentary, DIG!"

Greg: "I think the description on the blog i write for, boredla.com (hey a shameless plug never hurt, right?), says it best: "..likes to be respectful to women. In his spare time, he enjoys video chatting, finding funny little websites while surfing the web, illegally downloading tv shows, and knitting. Also, he has one INTENSE beard. He deserves a high-five." I shall be bringing Pink Flag by Wire, solely because pitchfork gave it a perfect 10/10 and not so much because it's actually a great and very influential punk rock album or that I've been getting into the whole proto/post punk rock music lately. Yup. Just pitchfork."

If you aren't already a friend of ours on Twitter, please start following us @OrigamiVinyl. We blurb about each record we play, who's picked it and why in real time! It's a fun little in-the-know treat, while you drink at the bar or watch from home!

Your hosts Neil and Sean from Origami Vinyl will also play you some stuff that we think is kinda neat. Our sign-up sheet will be at the bar for those that would like to participate in a future record club night.

Origami Vinyl Presents Record Club
Every Tuesday Night at 9pm 'til 1am
@ El Prado 1805 W. Sunset Blvd in Echo Park across the street from Origami Vinyl

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