Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And here are this weeks new releases!

HAPPY GROUNDHOGS DAY!!! Now I know it's not as big as last week but some great albums have come out today. So get out of that repetitive cycle with some of these sweet, new jams.

Eat Skull - Jerusalem Mall 7"

Kevin Barker - You & Me

Nurse With Wound - Space Music

The Album Leaf - A Chorus Of Storytellers

The Soft Pack - S/T

Toro Y Moi - Causers Of This

Also, we are now carrying vinyl from M'lady's & Awesome Vista Records

Bad Thoughts – Oh Jena 7”
Explode Into Colors – Coffins 7”
Explode Into Colors – Eyes Hands Mouth 7”
Explode Into Colors – Paper 7”
Felt Letters – 600,000 Bands 7”
Mutating Meltdown – Fantasy 7”
Religious To Damn – Falls Down Again 7”
Tamaryn – Weather War 7”

Awesome Vistas:
Dragging An Ox Through Water – The Tropics Of Phenomenon
Flower Of Flesh And Blood – Highlife
IS – Totalities (feat. Sam Coomes, Tara Jane O’Neil, Sara Lund + many more)
Jackie-o Motherfucker – The Cryin’ Sea
Linda Hagood – Pink Love/Red Love

Here's to Tuesdays!

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