Friday, May 20, 2011

Silver Lake Jubilee is this Saturday & Sunday!

For those who don't know, this weekend is the second annual Silver Lake Jubilee festival and we couldn't be more excited! Last year year was such a great time...and what an amazing energy. So friendly and lively. We're sure this year will be just as fun!

FYI...we will be closed both days to take part in this awesome festival.

Origami Vinyl has been quite busy getting ready for this years event. Not only has our very own Neil Schield been putting together a mighty selection of local bands to appear on the Santa Monica stage (incredible lineup to be viewed below)...but we will also be doing a sweet little Origami Pop-Up Shop and handling all the merch for the event. So if you're looking for that one band you saw at whatever time on whatever stage...well we are the ones to talk to. Plus you get to dig through a hand-picked selection of the rad wax we carry in the store. Come by and check us out...and then check out the shop.

For more info on the event just keep scrolling below (or click the Jubilee link above)

Here is an overhead view of where the fun will live.

And here's SET TIMES!!! Below is a list of all the activities at the Jubilee. We've thrown in our two cents and highlighted in bold the acts we think you'll want to see. Check it out!!

Saturday 21 MAY 2011

10.30 Hollywood Fringe Presents
11.10 Freak Show Deluxe
12.00 Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band
1.00 LACER
2.00 Psychic Friend
2.50 Marvelous Toy
3.40 The Finches
4.30 Lady Danville
5.35 NeverEver
6.40 Mia Doi Todd
7.50 Ximena Sariñana
9.00 Ceci Bastida
10.15 Sister Crayon

10.00 Public School Rockz: Marshall King, Ivanhoe
1.20 TRMRS
2.20 Audacity
3.20 Pangea
4.20 Gestapo Khazi
5.25 Black Flamingo
6.30 Jail Weddings
7.40 Summer Darling
8.50 Rainbow Arabia
10.05 Geotic

11.15 Les Figues Press
12.00 Amor Fati
12.45 Emerging Voices Fellows
1.30 LA Review of Books presents “The Electrocution of the Book: Reading, Writing, and Publishing in a Post-Print Culture,” featuring Cecil Castellucci, Ben Ehrenreich, Grace Krilanovich, and Matthew Specktor, with Tom Lutz moderating
2.15 The Rattling Wall: a literary journal
3.00 Joseph Mattson
3.30 Martin Pousson
4.00 Kate Micucci
4.30 Christian Lander, Stuff White People Like
6.05 Restavrant
7.00 Iliza Schlessinger’s Comedy Showcase, featuring Mark Ellis, Jarod Carmichael, Tig Notaro, Pete Holmes, and Iliza Schlessinger
9.00 I Will Destroy You Comics Showcase, featuring Robert Goodin, Levon Jihanian, Jed McGowan, Tom Neely, and Malachi Ward

2.50 AV Club
3.50 Pageants
4.55 Truman Peyote
6.00 Lovely Bad Things
7.10 Peter Pants
8.20 Stab City

7.20 Killsonic

Sunday 22 MAY 2011

10.30 The Sweat Spot
11.15 The Hollow Trees
12.15 Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band
1.00 Kazai Rex
2.00 Cobra Lilies
3.00 boxViolet
4.00 SISU
5.00 Twilight Sleep
6.00 Races (formerly Black Jesus)
7.05 Love Grenades
8.15 We Are The World

10.00 Hollywood Fringe Presents
12.00 Raheem Cohen
12.50 Future Ghost
1.50 Tommy Santee Klawz
2.50 One Trick Pony
3.50 Slang Chickens
4.50 Dante Vs. Zombies
5.50 The Black Apples
7.00 Crystal Antlers
8.10 The Little Ones

11.15 Presents AZTEX+PORN+STALIN, featuring Boris Dralyuk, Katherine Factor, Piotr Florczyk, Sesshu Foster, Geoff Nicholson, and Zak Smith
12.00 Emerging Voices Alumbi
12.45 The Mark Program
1.30 PITC and 826 LA: Los Angeles Students Read Their Work
2.15 Janet Fitch and Reyna Grande
3.00 SLAKE
3.45 Gabrielle Calvocoressi
4.30 Jerry Stahl
7.00 Iliza Schlessinger’s Comedy Showcase featuring J Chris Newberg, Jay Larson, Jodi Miller, Neal Brennan, Adam Devine, and Kyle Dunnigan

2.00 – 9.00 LA Rebellion Rugby Team Fundraiser

We hope to see you out & about...feel free to stop us for FREE HIGH FIVES!!!!

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