Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Michael Chapman "Rainmaker" Listening Party TONIGHT @ OV!

It's amazing that Michael Chapman was not more of a major player in the music scene. The man has been extremely prolific over his career. Last year saw the highly anticipated reissue of his critically acclaimed, "Fully Qualified Survivor" by Light in the Attic, who did an incredible job with the research, mastering and packaging of the album. It gained Chapman a whole new slew of fans who weren't really savvy to his works, including us.

This year Light in the Attic have done the man an honor again by reissuing his debut album, "Rainmaker". "Rainmaker" is a psychedelic-guitar-folk delight and features one of Chapman's best songs, "It Didn't Work Out"

TONIGHT at around 8pm we'll be hosting a little listening party for the album. We'll have some free beerverages and cake (Made by Julia Roth) for all you that wanna get weird with us!

So come on out and hang. Then we can all hold hands as we walk across the street to El Prado for some Record Club action.

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