Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Moon Casale + Roses @ 7pm!

Tonight we've got a double header for you. First, we've got Keith Zarriello, of The Shivers, coming through the OV loft to give us a glimpse of his solo project Moon Casale. We've also got Andy Tobiassen, of Deer Tick fame, performing as Roses, so it should be a great night of music that all begins at 7pm.

Moon Casale is a pretty rad project in which Zarriello "...hopes to take his songs around the world and change the way people think about contemporary Christian music." It's a step in the other direction when compared to The Shivers, but baby, it's the right step. "I'll Turn Into A Rainbow" is the title of one of the tracks off of his self-titled album, and it'll creep you out so good.

You get extra meat on this double decker sandwich tonight courtesy of Roses. On the new self titled EP, you'll get songs that make you want to bob up and down on the dance floor and songs that'll arouse your soul, and that's how Roses does it. Listen to the funk that "Get It Right" has and you will get it. Roses rocks!

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