Friday, December 6, 2013

TONIGHT: OV + Goldenvoice Present PAPA @ The El Rey!

Oh man are we excited for tonight! Alongside our pals at Goldenvoice, we'll be presenting PAPA's headlining show at the El Rey!

We've been all over these guys since their debut EP A Good Woman Is Hard To Find came out in 2011 and have been looking forward to their show at the El Rey for ages. In fact, if you aren't familiar with the band by now, then you probably haven't read our newsletter and/or blog in the last couple of months. We can't shut up about them!

They've also been picking up some great press, most recently from Stereogum, who had this to say about the band:

"When Girls parted ways last year, frontman Christopher Owens wasted no time announcing his solo album. But long before their breakup, drummer Darren Weiss was quietly piecing together a new band in Los Angeles alongside his childhood friend Danny Presant. In 2011, PAPA released an EP laden with Americana-inspired tracks, and aptly titled it A Good Woman Is Hard To Find, in a nod to Flannery O’Connor. PAPA’s debut full-length Tender Madness is practically dripping in E-Street Band influence (look no further than the 1-2-3 count-off and sailing introductory keyboard increments on the opening track “Put Me To Work”) but Weiss sings in such artfully-arranged monotone that he manages to tarnish the glistening instrumentals into something a little less recognizable. A good number of the tracks on Tender Madness are straight-up roaring anthems — songs for long car rides and staying up late — but PAPA’s strength as storytellers lies in their ability to chill out and step back. Tender Madness doesn’t go out with a bang. Instead, PAPA closes their debut with “Replacements,” a hazy ballad featuring the smokey voice of country singer Lydia Rogers, grounding the record in something sultry and nostalgic that lingers long after the final acoustic strum."

Now if that doesn't convince you, Emily and Neil will also be rockin' the ones and twos to get the party started. That means you can hang with us and with one of LA best new bands! A match made in heaven. So come on down to the El Rey tonight at 9PM and try and survive our one-two punch!

Need a PAPA preview? Give a listen to Tender Madness track "I Am The Lion King" below and get ready for an awesome night of music!

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