Monday, April 13, 2009

New Order

After our Grand Opening and celebratory 10% off EVERYTHING sale, we were in need of a re-up. We opened on Friday and had to place replenishment orders by Tuesday! It was a happy little problem to have :) And you all might be happy to know that we already received a new order!

Neil and Sean quickly tore through the boxes like two kids in an ear candy store

One of the many new fat stax o' wax

"Oh rad.. Delta 72!" - a very pleased Sean checking the newbies into inventory

Not too bad for a day's work, huh? Needless to say, we've got a ton of new records and they're all out on the floor... all but the secret stash of Record Store Day exclusives, that is. Oh didn't you know? Well, stay tuned for more details on how we're celebrating Record Store Day this weekend... in the meantime, you're welcome to come on in, check out the goods and maybe add to our Origami Vinyl origa-menagerie, should you feel so inclined.

Our new order is your new order...

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