Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank you Echo Park!

Opening weekend for Origami Vinyl was, by all accounts, a big fat success. And we can't thank everyone enough. The warm reception to the neighborhood was so much more than we had hoped for and we'd just like to say thanks for a really great Grand Opening. The good folks of Echo Park really know how to make the new kid feel welcome.

Doors opened Friday at Noon sharp! Jeff hand painted those very official store hours... and that gem of an Open/Shut sign was made by Ed.

We enjoyed an afternoon of good conversation with music seekers and curious neighbors alike.

Sometimes our friends take us literally. This Origami origami was made into a mobile by Dave and Alexis... more Dave than Alexis, I gather.

Bird's eye view - namely an origami crane's eye view - of Store Manager Sean Stentz ready at the register.

The shop really started to fill in for the evening's festivities which we kicked off with an acoustic set by Wait.Think.Fast. in the lofted performance space.

Another shot of the crowd. I see Neil... yes, THE Neil.

Guests also enjoyed an open bar stocked with a variety of Pyramid Brews (thank you Mario Ojeda!) and sake and soju from Ty-ku (way to hook it up Ray).

The one and only Nico Stai performing solo.

Now, I have to talk about the surprise last-minute performance - which was a surprise to everyone, especially Neil - by Bodies of Water! So... Sean Stentz set this up, knowing that Neil is a big fan. And confirmation came just a couple hours before the performance. All the anticipation, the build... on top of all the planned Grand Opening fun... man, oh man. That being said, I have no photos of David's set. I just sort of lost it when he started playing. I'm sorry.

On that note, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for a night to remember... which turned into a whole Grand Opening weekend to remember!

Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Origami overflow - onto Sunset Blvd.

Do me a favor & turn this one up!


  1. no, please. thank you.

  2. oops. looks like we got busted and the vid is "no longer available"... but fast fwd 10seconds or so and it'll play from there... shhh.

  3. YEAH YEAH YEAH!!! I can't wait to see this flourish beyond your wildest dreams! Look forward to hearing about the journey Neil!