Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Releases and Record Club Recap!

Thanks to all who came out to record club last night! It was a fun one. Here's a little recap...

- Sean Foye, a local music producer and engineer, is currently putting the finishing touches on the new Summer Darling album to be released by Origami later this year. Sean started the night off with one of our favorite 70's/80's groups, The Sparks. He chose their Angst in My Pants album and played the A Side. It was a fun way to kick off the night and got us all thinking a little dirty.

- Gabriel Hart, frontman for the 10-piece local band, Jail Weddings, was up next and played his favorite album of all time, Rowland S. Howard's "Teenage Snuff Film". His Classically arranged Link Wray-through a meat grinder guitar, mixed with his deadpan delivery of emotionally charged cryptic-puns make it a real doozy of a record, not to mention his mastery of aural assault guitar feedback.

- Jack, a local resident, and Silverlake Trader Joe calendar boy, was up next and decided to play his new pick-up from Origami, Deerhunter's "Rainwater Cassette Exchange". Deerhunter is one of his favorite contemporary artists and couldn't wait to hear it blast over the Prado speakers.

- I went on next and played the B side of Dan Deacon's latest release "Bromst". It has been an album I've wanted to play at Record Club since we started it and tonight seemed like the right time. To be honest I wasn't really a fan of his 'til this record came along. It just sounded like he took his art to the next level and had a much more serious approach to it. And I really appreciated that.

- Sean Stentz went on next and played the Margo Guryan reissue of "Take a Picture". Sean had been wanting to pick this up for awhile. It was really great to hear this relatively unknown Pop classic. She was such an amazing songwriter that really didn't get credit for her impeccable voice until way later.

- Justin Taylor, who works at the Higher Path, a medicinal cannabis dispensary on Sunset, just a few blocks east of Origami, brought some indie soul for the bar to sway to. His pick was side A of Darondo's "Let My People Go" because somebody's gotta rep 70sBayAreaSoulChaunce. and cause people need to start getting laid at Record Night!

- Sam Cooper, who is a local musician and producer who creates music under the moniker Big Swell as well as makes music with Alejandro Cohen as Pharoahs. He also worked at Amoeba for 4 years in the vinyl department, and has a pretty extensive vinyl collection. He decided to bring La Dusseldorf's "Viva". Neu! is a big favorite of his and this was a great extension of Klaus Dinger's talents.

- To close out the night was singer/guitarist for local band Summer Darling, Benjamin Heywood. Ben is also manager of local Vietnamese restaurant, Gingergrass. Ben's new favorite record is Tweak Bird's "Invitations". A true onslaught of Guitar and Drums that exposes a band like Wolfmother as Pop Rock wannabes.

And now on to our new releases. It was a hefty week and lots of good stuff came through. Below is our board that showcases the highlights. Other items that also came out that you should pick-up are:
- Young Widows / Pelican - Split 7" #3 in a series of 4
- Free - Fire and Water (Reissue)
- Grace Jones - Nightclubbing (Reissue)
- Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse (Reissue)
- Of Montreal - For Our Elegant Caste 7"
- Royal City - 1999 – 2004
- Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

and now for the board...

Hope to see ya soon!


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