Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Record Club and New Releases + Tickets On Sale

Hey Everyone,
Don't forget about Record Club tonight at El Prado. The festivities begin at 9pm and feature a great collection of people and their favorite sides. Here's a little intro...

Sean Foye - A local music producer and sound engineer who is currently finishing up Summer Darling's new album to be released on Origami!

Todd Armstrong - A man of many skills, but we know him best for being the goalkeeper on Echo Park Futbol Club.

Jordan Rae - is an Echo Park resident and artist who specializes in Letterpress. (He's actually finishing up our business cards for us as we speak)

Joel Garcia - Joel is an LA native who has been helping inner city children for years, his current project is managing a non-profit called, The Harmony Project, which gives children opportunities through music. You can find out more about it at www.harmony-project.org

Zach Hart - back again for another dose. Zach's blog WeListenForYou has been bringing in some really cool performances for their Silverlake Steps series. You should check it out!

Joshua Locy - Josh graces Record Club again and is sure to bring some new and interesting treat for the bar.

Every Tuesday Night at 9pm 'til 1am
@ El Prado 1805 W. Sunset Blvd in Echo Park across the street from Origami Vinyl

As for New Releases it is a pretty light week but there are still some goodies! We have the Deerhunter on the board but we won't actually get it 'til Thursday.

We also have a lot of great new tickets on sale. Here's the board for more info

Hope to see ya tonight!!!


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  1. Blank Dogs record is tremendous, making this a heavyweight week!

    - mt