Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Shortstop Tonight. Let's Take it BACK!

OK, I have lived in Echo Park for about 9 years. I use to frequent the Shortstop about every other day back when they allowed dancing, before they got busted for not having a permit, before they acquired a permit and reopened the dancefloor. The place was fucking amazing then. Lot's of cool art kids, punks, and dub heads. The jukebox always had cool tunes playing if there weren't DJs and the hot bartenders would always poor me a stiff Jim and Coke. Not to mention I am a huge Greg Dulli (Afghan Wigs/Twilight Singers/The Gutter Twins) fan and he is one of the owners. Once the dancefloor got shut down, we started to frequent the bar less and less. We found ourselves hitting the Gold Room for free tacos and a shot with all the old Latinos, which was kinda sketchy at times- I'm pretty sure few white kids dared venture in back then. But it proved to be a great escape from the "scene" of places like the newly opened Little Joy. Once the Shorty got it's dancefloor reopened we started to go back. But it just wasn't the same. It had this bridge and tunnel feel to it. No disrespect to the owners, but it just seemed to take on this USC college crowd thing. All of a sudden lines were forming outside and a 45 minute wait became the standard (In the beginning of the line stuff, the bouncers were cool and would let all us old locals skip it and go in. But after awhile they were catching so much shit from it, they had to stop). Nowadays, I spend most of my time at El Prado. For me it has the right vibe and good beer selection (my liver just can't handle the hard stuff anymore), plus it is mellow and suits my preference to having conversations and hearing good records over the blaring Michael Jackson and bad 80's music (I do still take part in pre-Dodger game pitchers of PBR at Shorty though). In this time I have maintained a close working relationship with Shortstop co-owner Dave Neupert (La Cita, Footsies, El Tres Inn). Origami currently curates their rad 3 room suites at El Tres in Los Feliz. Dave had become a fan of our Record Club night at El Prado and wanted to find a way to have us do a DJ night at one of his bars. Since Shortstop is so close to the store and we'd prefer to support our hood, we felt it fit what we wanted to do best. But to be honest I'm a little nervous. I'm nervous that people aren't going to be into what we play. I'm nervous that since we don;t really play a whole lot of 80's, Michael Jackson, and hits, we are gonna get booed out of there.

So, this is our chance to get back a night at Shortstop to where it was. Because in reality it is the best bar/dancefloor in Echo Park. And peeps that live here would love to love it again. We are gonna rock a bunch of new stuff, rare stuff, unheard stuff, and classic stuff. It's gonna be fun stuff, some you can dance to, some to nod your head to. This is our night, guys and we need your help to make it cool. We are going to do this thing on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month starting in January. Tonight is our test run! Let's kill it!

We call this thing, Paper Crème! Kicking off @ 10pm and goin til 2am. Free. 21 and over.
DJs are Neil, Sam, and Sean



  1. Will hear your tunes in January.

    Agree about missin' that old vibe. Good luck

  2. Damn, wish I would have seen this last night. I was at El Prado and the Gold Room contemplating dropping by the Short Stop but thoughts of the bad crowd kept me from heading down there.

    Just a suggestion but you guys should team up with some other similar DJs that can spin on Thursdays. It's just the whole . . . wait, is this the 2nd or 3rd Thursday, I need to check my calendar thing is confusing and annoying.

    A solid stand has to be made on Thursdays or the bridge and tunnel crowd is gonna show up regardless and spoil the vibe.

  3. Hey timtation, that's a good call and one that has been addressed. Our good friend Jen Teft is doing the other Thursdays and should make it a bit more consistent. They start next week! Hope to see everyone in January!

  4. hahaha...this is a joke, right?!

  5. Really? Is this some sort of joke? If it is, it's very well executed.

  6. Wish I could have seen this too.
    Been bummed at the loss of my local watering hole and I too have made the switch to Prado. But from what I understand though is that the owner of Short Stop has made a concerted effort to try and turn the place into a jock bar. Hence all the sports games on the TVs. Special dodgers game timed happy hours and vocal loathing of anyone who looks like they may be a 'hipster'.

  7. Times change, crowds change, we can't expect the Shortstop to keep certain customers at bay so certain other customers will feel more comfortable, no matter who they are. Yes, it has a college vibe sometimes--but on those nights, it's usually packed and they are probably making good money. So for those of us no longer in that age group, I would say--tough, we had our good times.

    But it seems like good dj nights usually get a good following--so hopefully this will too--

  8. Yo tool: Did you know that you're a laughingstock now?

    Typical dumb yuppies thinking they're different from other yuppies....that's you!


  9. So you don't want to let in the more recent "urban explorers" but you don't want to go so far back that you have to deal with the generations of sullen alcoholic cops who drank there before Echo Park was "cool"? Seems like you're cherry picking a narrow sliver of Echo Park's history to claim as your own.

  10. reason #786 to hate hipsters..