Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tonight @ 7pm! Gemma Ray Live in the Loft!

Sultry English crooner Gemma Ray has slowly been casting a strange spell on the indie powers-that-be since the release of her 2008 album The Leader. Her second album, Lights Out Zoltar! (2009) was named for the fortune-telling dummy inside electronic psychic reading boxes on piers and arcades, and took on mysticism, science and old-timey magic as it comes at you through flickering images from a scratched black-and-white news reel. Her songs manage to hark back to a time you remember but certainly weren't fully alive to. It's the well-trotted paradox of the uncanny: the familiar and yet foreign. Somehow Gemma Ray pulls it off, crafting work that is both indie in its aesthetic but loungey in feel. - Nikki Darling (LA Weekly)

Live in the Loft tonight at 7pm!

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