Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CORREATOWN live in our loft tonight!

After a bit of time to pursue other projects (Les Shelleys) Angela Correa + band are finally back with a new EP 'Etch The Line', a prelude to her second album 'Pleiades' (due out in September). The latest EP finds the band toeing the line between their folk tendencies and more swirlier territory.

"The slow hazey daydream that is Correatown materialized a real life EP yesterday. Etch The Line is a beautifully produced 6 track EP that’s full of layered guitars, washy reverb, beautiful harmonies and an occasional fuzzed out synth. This is a prelude to their second full-length “Pleaides” due out in September." (The New Lo Fi)

You can catch the full band live tonight in our loft at 7pm doing what they do best...blowing your mind!!

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