Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Support Origami Vinyl's TEAM THAI DAI & 826LA

Last week in our newsletter we mentioned a little bit about the Ping Pong fundraiser, Everything You Know Is Pong for local non-profit 826LA. If you aren't familiar, 826 is a stellar national program devoted to providing after-school tutoring and creative writing workshops for children. Our local outpost, 826LA is located here in Echo Park and is also known as the Echo Park Time Travel Mart. We have done a few different programs with our buddies over there, most notably the "Chickens In Love" project where we released a vinly/digital compilation of amazing LA based musicians covering songs the children of 826LA had written.

Every year 826LA hosts a fundraiser to help keep their services to our local community running. With the insane budget cuts that have happened in California and the Los Angeles School District, our kids are facing extremely tough times when it comes to education. (It's kinda even hard to believe I had to just type that, why in the hell would we EVER cut education budgets is beyond insanity). Since these budgets have been cut, things like arts, entertainment, and extra-curricular activities have been whittled down to non-existence. This is why 826LA is so important to me and should be to you. Not only do kids get to build on their education through these workshops, but they are given skills that will not only give them an advantage in school, but will also help them excel in life outside of school.

This year's annual fundraiser is being held next Tuesday at the Echoplex and will feature celebrity guests Spike Jonze and Miranda July. There will be a whole ping pong tourney happening and the winning teams get to take on the celebs. Origami Vinyl has formed our own team (Team Thai Dai) in hopes of putting a wicked curve serve on Miranda. But in order to give us a shot to compete we need your help in supporting our team by donating a small amount ($1, $5, $1,000,000.00) via our team page link below. You can also contribute by buying a ticket to the event and watching us in action. All the donation details are below. Please help us help 826LA, I cannot stress how important their program is and how much it helps the children in our 'hood.

Origami Vinyl's TEAM THAI DAI
Donate/Pledge to our team HERE

Here are the deets for the event:
826LA Presents Everything You Know Is Pong
Tuesday, July 19th @ 7:30pm
@ The Echoplex | 1154 Glendale Blvd
All Ages | $10 | All Ages

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