Monday, September 26, 2011

Wilco Listening Party!! TONIGHT @ 8pm!

We know Wilco. We know you know Wilco. At this point nobody should be starting a "Who is Wilco" tumblr. Now... ready yourself for a perception changing experience. The opening to "The Whole Love" is going to make you shake yr head, smile, and then watch as your brain matter slowly leaks from your tear ducts. We had to listen to it multiple times in a row it was so good!! That being said we are very proud to introduce you to a Wilco you don't know yet. This Monday night at 8:00pm we'll be unveiling this bad boy AND serving you delicious pizza from Two Boots. Come hear their new LP in its entirety and purchase the album right on the spot!! Free pizza, free listening, all ages, what could be better?

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