Thursday, September 22, 2011

We're trying to play it cool over here..

...but we've got something really exciting to tell you. You might have heard of this little band called Black Flag... or the Circle Jerks.. or Off! Do you see where we're going with this? What do these bands have in common besides being really fucking awesome? A fine gentleman named Keith Morris.

We are so insanely honored to announce that he has agreed to do "Keith's Picks." Every few weeks, we're going to post a few choice records that Keith is into. I mean, who doesn't want to listen to what he's listening to? So.. here it goes. This week Keith chose:
Brian Eno - Before And After Science

Guided By Voices - Under The Bushes Under The Stars

Misfits - Walk Among Us

Sonic Youth - Evol

If you haven't listened to any of these records, don't you think it's time you gave them a try? Thanks Keith! Until next week..

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