Monday, December 3, 2012

TONIGHT 12/03: El Perro Del Mar Listening Party @ 8pm

Tonight at 8pm you should mosey on down to Origami Vinyl to listen to the new El Perro Del Mar (CONTROL GROUP) album "Pale Fire." We've got pizza, cold refreshments, and a floor for you to sit on.

Taking inspiration from "...the 90s music she used to love-- namely house and trip hop," EPDM's Sarah Assbring has taken her trademark themes of love and romance and presented them in a way her fans have never heard before. With delightfully sounding synths and a tasteful usage of sampling, Assbring's decision to focus less on live instruments and more on electronic production has proven to be a success, and really highlights her talents as a musician thats able to transcend genres.

Below is a track off of "Pale Fire" titled "Love in Vain," which will give you enough motivation to come in to Origami tonight at 8pm to stuff your face with free pizza and drinks.

But wait! There's more! Like us, Sarah, is a bit of a record geek. To celebrate the new album we've teamed up to highlight 5 of Sarah's favorite albums from 2012 and give them away to you! The first person who buys "Pale Fire" each day this week, starting tonight, wins the day's featured album! Check our Facebook page each day to find out what the album of the day is.

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