Saturday, April 11, 2015

IN-STORE: Nedelle Torrisi TONIGHT @ 7 PM!!

Come hang out with this cheeky chick TONIGHT in the OV Loft!!

Nedelle Torrisi has a voice for the ages, she is all heart and no gimmicks. What a relief in a world full of fake and processed everything. Her new album, Advice from Paradise, released on Drag City, is timeless modern pop. It was produced by Haunted Graffiti whiz kid Kenny Gilmore.

This beauty is not only a talented musician that has worked with the likes of Ariel Pink, but she also spends her spare time giving actual advice to Los Angelinos and others, and if we can say so, its always quite witty. And as much as we love her Advice column here at OV, we love her music even more.

Give Nedelle a listen, she may just change your outlook on life. TONIGHT. 7 PM. OV LOFT.

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