Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Record Store Day is right around the corner and I gotta say, there are some MIGHTY fine releases this year. While you pace your room in anticipation, check out this list of helpful hints and tips we've compiled to make your RSD a stress-free and, most importantly, fun day!
  • RSD is Saturday, 4/18. We'll be open from 8 AM - 9 PM. (Our friends at Taza open early so you can be highly caffeinated while you wait in line!)
  • We'll have DJ sets all day plus a couple great bands at night - see attached flyer for line up.
    First person in line will get 5 minutes solo shopping. 
  • First 50-100 people get a gift bag of goodies with purchase.
  • While there's a line, we'll be letting 10 people in at a time so you can have a comfortable shopping area. No Walmart style fights please.
  • Limit of one of each title per customer. We want to make sure those who want a record for their personal collection get a fair shot!
  • We'll post a list of all the releases we got in on Friday on our blog, along with a handy dandy printable check list. 
Other exciting things:
  • There WILL be an ice cream truck with free ice cream and Blur 7"s coming around at about 12:30. Just show your RSD receipt to get free ice cream! To get those coveted Blur 7"s all you have to do is say the secret words, "The Magic Whip!"
  • Desert Daze tickets will be $10 off!
  • The Echo has kindly provided us with free tickets for the Polaris show on 4/25 for anyone who purchases the Polaris RSD Pete & Pete release! 
  • Among other awesome things, there will be vouchers for free tickets to some Goldenvoice shows in select gift bags so keep an eye out!
  • Anyone who brings their RSD receipt to Masa will get 10% off their meal! 
We've worked our butts off to make this an awesome day for you, so we really hope you can come out and enjoy it! Here is an RSVP for the event! If you're not in LA, definitely go support your local record store on Saturday! 

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