Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And Now We Have a Treehouse!

Well not really, but we did just finish building our little loft area floor.  The loft will be used mainly as the office and for storage, but it will also double as our space for bands to do in-store performances and what-not.  pretty cool, huh?

I gotta say, this is probably the most fun labor intensive project that i've done so far in the shop.  It took me back to the days of building treehouses and forts in my backyard. When me, my brother and our friends would find any scrap wood laying around and hammer it in to some poor tree.  Whoever could climb the highest would always land the prime spot.  Well, it has been about 20 years since I have really picked up a hammer and taken a shot at any sort of carpentry work, so I was bit nervous initially about making this project a success.

First, off I enlisted Jeff Oonchitti and his trusted '92 Toyota pick-up to go buy some wood.  I wanted to be sure that the wood we purchased was all used stuff.  No need to cut down more trees for this project.  So Jeff and I headed down to Pacoima (yeah, i didn't really know where that was either) to go see the ReUse People.  The ReUse People are a non-profit organization that deconstructs buildings and other structures to keep these materials out of landfills and other waste sites and resells them to people like me.  If you ever need wood, or other building supplies, be sure to check these guys out before heading to Home Depot.  Not only is everything extremely cheap, but you are doing the environment a favor as well.  

So, Jeff and I grabbed a bunch of 2x4's and some plywood and then headed down to Ryan Mulroney of RTM Furniture's shop to borrow a portable table saw. We shot the shit for awhile, then headed back to the store where we got set up and started cutting and hammering away.  

The job took us a couple of days, but we were extremely stoked on how it all came together considering we have absolutely no experience in carpentry.  Not to toot our own horns or anything but we were pretty impressed with our measurements and the fact everything came out even and flat.  Not bad for some guys who like records!

Shout outs to Jeremy Balko and Jedrek Speer for their quick help and lending of a Skil Saw and Jig Saw.

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