Thursday, February 12, 2009


Obama ain't the only one making shit happen...

Our last post was a while ago. You're about to forgive us after hearing how busy we've been. Photos to come. The following are examples of the aforementioned shit that has since happened, consequently keeping us from blogging:
  • Stairway To Heaven - Did I say "Heaven"? I meant "lofted storage space". Origami slash Neil has acquired one spiral staircase as donated by the like-minded heads and hearts of Creative Environments of Hollywood.
  • Vintage Speakers - Mr. Sean Foye has secured some vintage speakers for the store from his audiophile father... who definitely knows a thing or two about a thing or two.
  • Wine Crates - Neil has received his second of several shipments of used wine crates. Wine crates as merchandising... so sophisticated.
  • Order! Order! - The final stock order is in and the labels are officially on board.
  • Floored - Neil and the Seans, both Foye and Stentz, finished removing all particle boardish dry wall stuff from the concrete floors. A first attempt at cleaning and finishing the floors has proven very taxing and a professional by the name of Jorge has been contacted.
  • Two Boots Pizza! - Congratulations and thank you to our neighbors at Two Boots Pizza! They opened to the public last Friday and have already fed us in good ol' fashioned neighborly style. We have yet to sample the entire menu, mainly because we're hooked on the Cleopatra Jones. All in due time... this is the beginning of a delicious friendship.
  • Echo Park Taco Truck - self-explanatory.
Thanks again for all the support, especially support in the form of labor for pizza. Please stop by tomorrow if you feel like joining the first ever Origami Vinyl Painting Party!

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