Friday, November 27, 2009

Glasser Give Us Glasser Boxes

The other day, Cameron aka Glasser stopped in to chat. She spoke about playing a pump organ that her and her friend, Tauba Auerbach designed for her art show at Deitch Projects in New York for the past couple of months, The continuous effort in laying down tracks for her upcoming album, and some new art she had been making at home. The latter, which is on display above, are cute little plexiglass boxes filled with various fun little objects that include rocks, beads, confetti, netting, fuzzballs, and other random items. Each one is different from the next and form cool little 3-D collages. Inside these boxes also includes a download code of Glasser songs. The larger boxes contain the "Apply" EP that came out earlier this year on True Panther Sounds to rave reviews from Pitchfork, and the smaller ones contain a download code of one of her singles, "Glad" and "Learn". We were so enamored by these guys that we couldn't resist offering her some space to sell them in the shop. These things are extremely limited. We were lucky enough to get 2 of each piece. They are really affordable too! $16 for the EP, and $8 for each of the singles! Come by and check em out! They probably won't last very long!

(If the video buttons don't work then click on the video and hit space bar to start/stop.)

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