Monday, November 2, 2009

Midnight is for lovers...Vinyl Lovers!!!

Light the fire. Pour the wine. You stud, you. You are ready for a romantic late-night tryst. But wait. She's looking at your records. Kenny G? Sade? Dude, this is Echo Park, not Squaresville! If you're going to be smoking a cigarette, babe in arm, beneath a fur bedspread when that fire's out and that wine's done you're going to need some AUDIO AMMO! Don't fret, you're in luck: we are open every Monday night past midnight. We put out tomorrow's new releases tonight, so come and get the goods before you can get 'em anywhere else!

Here's a list of what's coming out tonight:

Weezer - Raditude

Melvins - Nude With Boots

Acrylics - All of the Fire

Arrington de Dionyso- Malaikat dan Singa

Citay- Remixes (feat. Black Mountain, Sunburned Hand of the Man, and more)

Jookabox- Dead Zone Boys

Molina & Johnson- s/t (feat. Jason Molina & Will Johnson)

Nirvana- Bleach 20th Anniversary Edition (180g white double vinyl, including a 1990 previously unreleased, complete live performance, and deluxe packaging)

On Fillmore- Extended Vacation

Pictureplane- Dark Rift

Yeasayer- Ambling Alp 12"

Our sexy selection of timeless LPs and the hottest new releases are sure to help you win over the "apple" of your "eye." Any more and we'd be in bed with you, and man we just don't play that game.

Our friend Leeland at Music Hall audio stopped in and shared some of his turntable know-how with us. And just so the knowledge is out there I wanted to take a minute to tell you about the best way to clean your records.

Static keeps dust clinging to your albums, so using a dry brush won't get all of it off.

Liquid cleaners are actually bad for your records- they turn the dust into a muddy substance, and that gets pressed into the groove when you go over it with a brush, only to dry and cake up in the groove.

The best combination you can use is a Zerostat gun and a brush. What a Zerostat gun is is a special pistol that you aim at your record, held about a foot away. You squeeze the trigger slowly and it releases a 16" spread of charged ions, neutralizing the charge of the dust on your record. Then you easily brush off all the dust. There are no batteries, liquids to refill, etc.

Pretty sweet, and now we stock Zerostats! So if you're looking for the best way to clean your records, to keep them sounding their best for the long haul, pick one up!

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