Saturday, November 14, 2009

Horse Stories Record Release Party and In-Store Tonight @ 7pm in the Origami Loft!

Come out tonight at 7pm and celebrate Horse Stories' new release, "November, November"! Beer will be provided!

Horse Stories is the main band project of singer, songwriter, composer, producer and writer Toby Burke.

Burke has released three Horse Stories albums to date, one solo record, an experimental instrumental record (and accompanying photography project) under the title Perfect Black Swan, as well as working on scores, art instalations and publishing fiction (sometimes as TB Hemingway). All this whilst spending time living in London, Melbourne (his place of birth) and his more permanent base, Los Angeles, where Horse Stories first formed.

His last album, the critically acclaimed "Everyone's A Photographer", was engineered and produced by Pall Jenkins of The Black Heart Procession in San Diego.

Now we come together to celebrate his latest endeavor, the new LP, "November, November"

Horse Stories Myspace

Here are what some cool people have said about Horse Stories...

"Expertly judged chamber-pop, twang swapped for painstaking production... Burke's vocals evoke Joe Pernice, gentle, wracked, velvety exhalations that sweeten his powerfully bleak pieces."
"The painterly approach and fragile harmonies have served them well... the quieter moments could raise gooseflesh."
"Projected via a quietly commanding voice, songs emerge paine and mysterious, but not without hope."
- Q
"Wonderful... Reference points are that lonely, slow-motion American indie rock-of-ages, from early REM to Galaxie 500."
- The Age (Melbourne)
"Three albums in, the unfettered melancholy bliss of the man from Melbourne's electronica-tinged, dust-clouded tales are surely going to find themselves a wider audience... recall(s) Wilco's recent awesome studio-bound experimentation and REM at their most countrified respectively. Really, there's no higher praise than that."

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