Saturday, March 6, 2010

BigBang storms the Origami Loft tonight

Let us tell you about Bigbang. They have been dubbed Norway’s Greatest Live Band, and have been a major force in the Norwegian music scene for over a decade. This year they released "Edendale" a love letter to Silverlake (where band members have lived for the last few years). "Edendale" is full of raucous and rollicking rock, a little bit of soul & some psychedelia, the tracks imbued with mad dashes of everything from CSNY harmonies to Hüsker Dü energy, J. Mascis guitar gusts and more. All of which has earned them a nomination for a Spellmanprisen (the Norwegian equivalent to a Grammy).

We are very excited to welcome them to the loft and hope you will be too.

BigBang plays at 7pm + free Colt 45.

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