Saturday, July 31, 2010

Justice Yeldham tonight! 7pm

Origami Vinyl is excited to be hosting an in-store performance by Justice Yeldham (here from Australia!) who will be screaming into amplified glass in our store at 7pm tonight.

Yeldham's relationship to vinyl is certainly unorthodox. Initially classed as an experimental turntablist, early feats saw him stab vinyl with Kruger style stylus gloves, bounce on electro acoustic trampolines, drag race the popemobile across Sydney Harbour Bridge, perform deaf defying duet duels with amplified samurai swords, become hospitalised by high powered turntables constructed from sewing machine motors, land record chance John Peel sessions with the Flaming Lips, & be Otomo Yoshihides' favourite entry into his Ground Zero remix competition, 'Consummation,' even though instead of sampling the CD he destroyed it using amplified skewers!

This year, Yeldham created The Vinyl Arcade in Sydney, in which remote control cars with audio pick-ups attached to their chassis race through a course constructed from a mass of disused vinyl records.

Using vintage video arcade consoles, competitors simultaneously control the movement of their vehicles and the resulting sounds from the records.

*On a related note, Yeldham will appear in our friend Steve Elkins forthcoming documentary "The Reach Of Resonance", which investigates the meaning of music through juxtaposing the radically different artistic paths of individuals around the world using music to (for example) make audible the weather patterns of Alaska (in real time), transcribe riots into string quartets, and evoke music from fences in conflict zones (like the Separation Fence in Palestine) with a violin bow (and much more!). Below is a teaser trailer which gives you just a taste of what this fantastic film is about.

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