Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pure Ecstasy + Sleep∞Over at 6pm tonight

How's your week going? It's been a hectic one over here what with the Summer Darling record coming out, many new releases and the multitude of in-stores we've been having.

Well, tonight we are looking forward to nothing more than to chill out, have a few beers with YOU and let Pure Ecstasy & Sleep∞Over close out our week on a blissful note.

Pure Ecstasy - Led by singer-songwriter Nate Grace, Austin's Pure Ecstasy make lo-fi tunes insulated by plenty of reverb. Their music is simple, warm, direct. In a track review of their best song to date, the woozy "Easy", Pitchfork's Joe Colly said it sounds like "the long comedown after an all-night beach party." - Pitchfork

Pure Ecstacy - "Easy"

Sleep∞Over - Austin trio Sleep∞Over's brooding sound has sometimes been slotted with "witch house", but this new track from the band takes their haunting sound in a dreamier direction, resembling what Beach House might sound like if they played in a graveyard. - Chocolate Bobka

Sleep∞Over - "Your World Is Night"

Here's to the big comedown!

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