Sunday, February 24, 2013

2/24: Daniel Bachman/Derek Rogers In-Store @ 7pm

Depressed because you have work tomorrow? Turn that frown upside down and swing by OV tonight at 7pm to watch both Daniel Bachman (Tompkin's Square) and Derek Rogers perform for us in-store!

Bachman is visiting Echo Park all the way from his home in Virginia, and we are stoked to be hosting such a talented young dude! For any Folk/Americana fans, Daniel Bachman's got you covered with some of the craziest fingerpicking that "...brings a modern experimental spirit to traditional country, blues and folk guitar playing."

On the other side of the spectrum, we've got Bachman's comrade and synth master Derek Rogers. The only thing that you wil be able to uncover about Rogers online is his music, which adds to the mystery of this ambient/drone juggernaut who is pumping out stuff reminiscent of Brian Eno.

Below are two tracks from both Bachman and Rogers that'll get you ready for a night of genre hopping over at OV. Don't blow it by not coming and get here at 7 for some of that good stuff!

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