Sunday, April 21, 2013

TONIGHT 4/21: Double feature in-store w/ Cheatahs @ 5pm + E.D. Sedgwick @ 6pm!!

Wow, Record Store Day was amazing yesterday, and we ain't stopping there just yet! We're going full steam ahead with TWO early in-stores tonight by two Sean-approved bands: Cheatahs (5pm) and E.D. Sedgwick (6pm)!

First, Cheatahs are going to rule the loft at 5pm. "What’s in this four-piece’s collective heart is sewn boldly onto its sleeves, influences translated into musical codes and motifs that made the indie charts of the early 90s love-buzz to the sounds of an emerging underground." These dudes are at the end of their US tour, so catch em tonight for free!

Then, so really make sure you get your daily fill of rad music, E.D. Sedgwick takes you for a spin. The November 2012 full-length, We Wear White (Dischord) "is an intellectually charged message built on honest, straight-forward lyrics, well timed obscenities and an array of heavy handed instrumentals." So check it out!

Listen to Cheatahs hit single "The Swan" and watch E.D. Sedgwick's video for "Silver Bullets" and come watch these two bands cure our RSD hangover.

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