Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Dodgers won last night, and tonight you get to see Dan Deacon perform a DJ set at Origami tonight at 6pm. Are we in heaven? I think so! Well it doesn't stop there! If you purchase "America" (Domino) then we'll reward you with a free 7" and "America" flag. What?!

For those who have not yet listened to "America," the best way to describe it would be that it "...demonstrates anger, confusion, and apocalyptic anxiety over corporatism and war, but finds consolation in the geography of the United States and in recent social movements both domestic and international." Deacon's comfort in the rural landscapes of the good ol' USA are brilliantly put together in his video for "Guilford Avenue Bridge," which we've provided down low. I think I tripped out for a good four minutes watching it. Can't wait to trip out tonight when The Deacon comes through! See you there!

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