Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Special Acoustic Silversun Pickups Set on Record Store Day

Coachella Smochella, this Saturday is all about Record Store Day at Origami Vinyl!!! Saturday April 20th, Silversun Pickups members Brian and Nikki will be returning to their roots in Echo Park/Silverlake for a special acoustic performance in front of 40 people in our loft.  

There is way more to this performance than meets they eye.  SSPU have been good friends of OV's founder Neil Schield for quite some time now.  They have secretly been planing a memorable RSD performance for a couple of years, and now the time has finally come!  More recently, within the last year, SSPU released their new album, Neck Of The Woods on Dangerbird Records and their bassist Nikki Mooninger received a bouncing bundle of joy in the form of beautiful twin baby girls.  Upon announcing her pregnancy she said, "This is such an exciting and happy time for me - new record, first babies.  I'll law low for a little while, but they won't be able to keep me off the road for too long."  
Well friends, the time has come... Nikki is back for her first performance since having the twins and we are stoked to have both her and Brian here to help us celebrate RSD!! 

Sneak a peak at SSPU's most recent music video, Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings), from their album Neck Of The Woods

And for more information about OV's RSD celebration click this link - http://www.origamimusic.blogspot.com/search/label/Record%20Store%20Day

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