Friday, August 9, 2013

TONIGHT: Hundred Visions In-Store at 7PM!

We can think of a hundred of reasons to come out tonight and see Hundred Visions tonight in our loft at 7pm!

This Austin killer rock quartet is made up of Ben Maddox (Vocals, Guitar), Eric Loftis (Drums), Wes Turner (Bass), and Johnny Krueger (Guitar). They formed and released their EP Last Cab Tunis in 2011, and after posting a few more digital singles on their Bandcamp, they released their debut album Permanent Basement in 2012.

Everybody Tastes raved about the album - and frontman in particular-, saying,"... [Maddox] really kicks down the listener's front door and leaves nothing but a pile of smoldering splinters...The immediacy of these ten tracks as a whole is undeniable: you hit play and you're sucked into a 31-minute-long vortex containing some of the year's very best musicianship and songwriting"

Watch their uber trippy music video to "Where Do I Sign" filled with corn dogs, Rambo-esque fighting, and odes to Japanese film. Come out tonight to see 'em live in our loft at 7pm ... we won't make you sign anything!

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