Monday, August 5, 2013

TONIGHT: Snake Island In-Store @ 7PM!

Sink your teeth into some psychedelic, reverb-drenched rock with Snake Island! in-store tonight at 7pm!

The band began in 2010 with a collaboration between guitarists and friends Allan Schleich and Garrett Schmelzel over email and video chat - Schleich in Omaha and Schmelzel in Portland. Schleich was given the opportunity to tour in China with other Omaha bands if he could create his own in time. Thus, Schmelzel made the trek to Omaha, and they spent the rest of the next few months practicing and honing in their sound, creating Snake Island!

Unfortunately, the China tour fell through, but that did not deter the band from performing at local indie and garage venues in Omaha, before adding Joshua French (bass) and Mike Zimmerman (drums) to the band permanently. They released their debut self-titled 12" in 2012, and their new album Evil Music is scheduled for release sometime this summer!

Check out their new music video for"Evil Music," the ridiculously addictive first single of the upcoming album. And, come out tonight to see them live in our loft at 7pm!

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