Monday, January 27, 2014

OV WEEKLY: 2014 Kicks Into High Gear!

Things have been a bit quiet here at Origami lately, but since last week's together PANGEA release show, the hits have been coming left and right! Here's a quick breakdown so you don't get left out in the cold!

Tuesday, January 28th - Hospitality's Trouble hits OV! Dum Dum Girls Release Party!

We've been dying to hear this newest release from these Brooklyn upstarts, and the time is almost here!
The first thing you might notice about Hospitality's sophomore album "Trouble" is what you don't hear. The process of completing the album was, for the band, one of learning to accept silence, to let that empty space exist no matter what it might awaken or evoke. You could catch glimpses of these dark and unexplored places in the margins of Hospitality's 2012 self-titled debut, but they are the very heart of 'Trouble". If you listen closely, you can hear a band pushing against their own boundaries and limitations until they find the very air around them subtly but perceptibly changed. Listen HERE. Snag the record HERE

Once you've picked the record up, head over to the Echo for the Dum Dum Girls record release party! We've been big fans of these ladies and they've been good friends since the beginning! We're so stoked to celebrate the release of Too True with them.

For the past few months, Christine and Emily have been pushing this 7" of the song, "Sanity" by The Beets frontman, Juan Wauters. He is finally releasing his full length solo album, "NAP North American Poetry" on Captured Tracks on Feb 4. We think it's so important that you get this record that we're offering a pre-order that comes with a signed poster. Juan is signing these exclusively for us and each one has a different message.. they're pretty sweet if you ask us. You can pick it up here. In the meantime, check out the single, Water.

Wednesday January 29th
Speaking of Captured Tracks, on Wednesday we're gonna head over to the Echo to see Mac Demarco. No explanation necessary. 

Thursday January 30th
On Thursday afternoon, La Luna's will be doing some filming in the loft so come catch a couple songs while they play! La Luna's is a three piece garage rock/surf band with Sasha from Spindrift on vocals and currently, Patty Schemel on drums. Things kick off at 2 pm.

Our buddies, Reputante, are in town from NYC and are playing with Lola Wolf at the Echo on Thursday night. (Yes, we realize that all these shows are at the Echo but come on, they're killing it this week!) Listen to the sweet sweet sounds of James Levy's crooner voice and get excited for this show!!

Now that we've planned your week, we hope to see you out there! Oh and we can't forget, Emily's entire family is in town so this week couldn't get any better if it tried!

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