Thursday, January 23, 2014

TONIGHT: together Pangea Record Release Party/In-Store @ 7PM!

Oh boy are we excited for this. Tonight we're throwing a kick-ass premiere party for together Pangea's new album Badillac! To make things even better, the boys themselves are gonna play a set up in the loft right at 7PM!

Though they've only got 2013's Snakedog to their new name, together Pangea have been rocking butts for a good long time, playing shows all over So Cal. Alongside almost every local band you can think of, they've slowly but surely garnered a frenzied following in DIY scenes at home and abroad. After the release of their Snakedog single earlier this year (one of OV's faves) they participated in Burger Record's epic "Burgerama Caravan of Stars" tour this fall, spreading their teachings of raw, unpredictable and intelligent rock throughout the U.S.

Home once again, these dudes are set to release their newest album, Badillac, on Harvest Records January 21st. Now while a punk streak has always run through the band's core, Badillac looks to turn away from what bassist Danny Bengston calls the "punky bubblegum vibe" that the band feels they've been lumped in with through their association with Burger Records, and move towards songs that are "a little more melancholy, a little heavier, a little darker." Citing influences from Pete Seeger to 90s giants Weezer & Smashing Pumpkins, Badillac looks poised to push together Pangea both towards new sonic territories, but also closer to their core identity. What that identity might be, no one knows, but together Pangea plan on embodying it completely with their unique blend of fist-pumping hooks, ragged ambivalence and waves of distortion that will send you back all the way to 1992. We seriously can't wait.

Now these dudes command a pretty big audience, so we're only gonna be guaranteeing attendance for the first 50 pre-orders of Badillac (it comes with a free cassette!) on our online shop. So if you wanna make sure your night is filled with the sweet, sweet music of together Pangea, get those orders in ASAP! The show starts right at 7PM and is gonna be absolutely bonkers. Don't believe us? Give a listen to latest single "Snakedog" below! See you soon!

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