Friday, January 10, 2014

TONIGHT: Dante Elephante In-Store @ 7PM!

Tonight we have Dante Elephante performing in our loft at 7PM!

Hailing from our neighbors up in Santa Barbara, Dante Elephante succinctly matches and defies the sounds of their hometown. While surf rock rhythms and guitar tones sway all over their latest EP German Aquatics, the band backs these sounds with a nervous energy and jump that's made more for dancing in a club than swinging in a hammock. This sort of energy shines through in their single "Kogi," which happens to be one of Christine's favorite 7" of 2013! So between Christine's recommendation and their excellent sound, we couldn't let them come through L.A without stopping by our loft. Thankfully, they'll be here tonight at 7pm!

So grab a couple friends and stop by the shop tonight at 7 for some great music and friends! Need to check Christine's taste? Give a listen to "Kogi" below and we'll see you tonight!

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