Saturday, September 20, 2014


Here at OV, we are major suckers for some emotion. We are also suckers for some good atmospherics. Tonight at OV, we're gonna have both in spades as synth-pop group Pr0files takes over the loft! Formed from a collaboration between Danny Sternbaum and long-time friend Lauren Pardini, Pr0file's dark rhythms are the initial draw to the band's sound, churning and slippery all at once. Above these dynamic atmospherics, Sternbaum and Pardini weave honest confessionals that strike immediately and often. Recently featured by both Buzzbands and L.A Weekly in their annual "Bands To Watch" lists, Pr0files look poised to capture wider audiences with the release of their debut EP Luxury this month, so it'd be best not to sleep on tonight's show! The fun gets started tonight at 7, and if ya wanna grab a sneak peek, check out their single "Call Yourself A Lover" below!

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