Monday, September 15, 2014

OV WEEKLY: Take OV With You!

All those in favor of puppies replacing briefcases and backpacks, please raise your hands. I thought so. Now carry this week's Weekly as you would a portable black lab. Carefully and joyously.

Monday, September 15th
Fenech Soler Monday Night Residency @ The Echo!

Sometimes when the world gets this hot, music is the only thing that gets those legs moving. And so for their September residency, our buds at The Echo have booked the eminently danceable Fenech Soler to motivate those calves and thighs! Purveyors of groove-centric electro-rock, Fenech Soler have recently embraced their pop leanings with heartfelt punch, opening up their hearts and dance moves to the world with 2012's Rituals, which catapulted Fenech Soler to widespread attention across Europe. Now looking to conquer U.S soils, Fenech Soler take over The Echo tonight at 9PM and are ready to get those sloppy September feet jumping again. To get ready for tonight's show, check out Fenech Soler's single "Magnetic" below and then meet us at The Echo at 9!

Tuesday, September 16th
New Releases Are Newer and Releasier Than Ever!

In addition to the insane amount of Beatles LPs we just put out, we've got another wave of delicious vinyl coming your way tomorrow morning and it looks like a sweet, sweet bunch. Headlined by White Arrows' newest, we've also got new music from Bleached, This Will Destroy You, and some hidden gems that you can find for yourself Tuesday morning. It's gonnnn be goood.

After you've survived our new release storm, you best be bringing that new vinyl down to RCLA at El Prado to give it a virgin spin! The best place to hear what your local buds are digging, RCLA gives YOU the opportunity to spin your records and even snag a free drink in the process! The fun gets started at 9PM, so dig out those LPs and get ready for a night of great music!

Wednesday, September 17th
Alex G + LAPD @ The Echo!

Tonight, The Echo brings out lo-fi up-and-comers Alex G and LAPD! The latter, an OV alum, first graced our loft as part of EPR, and his lo-fi folk leanings hypnotized everyone in the shop immediately. Garnering considerable buzz for his hazy confessional gems, LAPD's S/T came out last week and has become a quick favorite at OV. Touring alongside Alex G, we'd love to see you at The Echo in support of some crazy-good local talent. Plus, y'all get to see Bandcamp legend Alex G perform songs from his newest album DSU! What more could ya want?

Friday, September 19th
Jungle @ The Fonda!

From Jungle's bio: "It’s the hottest day of the year. Slender bodies swaying in the heat haze. You’re on a beach, but it’s more than a beach – the colours are brighter, the sunlight warmer, the cool sea a more psychedelic shade of turquoise. And somewhere nearby there’s a band playing… This is where Jungle want to take you. An infinite holiday, a place called bliss, a great escape from the grey and the everyday – because, as aesthetes from Oscar Wilde to Pharrell Williams knew, there is nothing so serious as fun and nothing as subversive as happiness."

Now that's is the way to celebrate Friday. Emily will be there, all smiles and sway. So you better be there too!

Saturday, September 20th
Pr0files In-Store @ 7PM!

Here at OV, we are major suckers for some emotion. We are also suckers for some good atmospherics. Tonight at OV, we're gonna have both in spades as synth-pop group Pr0files takes over the loft! Formed from a collaboration between Danny Sternbaum and long-time friend Lauren Pardini, Pr0file's dark rhythms are the initial draw to the band's sound, churning and slippery all at once. Above these dynamic atmospherics, Sternbaum and Pardini weave honest confessionals that strike immediately and often. Recently featured by both Buzzbands and L.A Weekly in their annual "Bands To Watch" lists, Pr0files look poised to capture wider audiences with the release of their debut EP Luxury this month, so it'd be best not to sleep on tonight's show! The fun gets started tonight at 7, and if ya wanna grab a sneak peek, check out their single "Call Yourself A Lover" below!

Giveaways This Week!
The Raveonettes @ El Rey 9/24 - 1 ticket comes with the purchase of The Raveonettes' newest LP Pe'ahi!

The Orwells/Skaters @ Fonda Theatre 9/29 - 1 ticket comes with the purchase of The Orwells' newest LP Disgraceland!

Keep an eye on our Twitter/Facebook for future giveaways!

Now that we've planned your week, make sure to tell your A/C that it's appreciated. Cause you don't want that thing angry right now.

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