Sunday, September 14, 2014

IN-STORE: Teach Me Equals TODAY @ 3pm!

Teach Me Equals's most immediate description is chamber pop gone punk. Or The Xx gone industrial. Or raw orchestral rock. Or something else entirely. But whatever Teach Me Equals is, it's damn good. Breaking up conventional genres in their powerful instrumental builds, Teach Me equals imbues their minimalistic setup with a heady dose of emotional fury that transforms into fiery and beautiful landscapes. Touring in support of their newest release, Knives in the Hope Chest, we're looking forward to their musical pairing alongside RedRumsey and expect the combination of their sounds to be a musical cocktail made in heaven.

So spice up your Sunday with OV and come on down to the shop TODAY at 3PM for some great music and vibes courtesy of Teach Me Equals! In the meantime, check out Teach Me Equals first single "Swallow The Smoke" below! See you soon!

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