Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Final Countdown!

We're opening this week! Here are a few last sneak peeks...

The first installation of the Origami Vinyl accent wall! This piece is actually four separate but identical panels that all intersect. How did artist Meghan Moran do it? How did she get the intricate lines to match up and continue throughout each panel? The answer: BY HAND! (what!?) Thanks Meghan!

Get your limited edition first-run Origami Vinyl shirts! Choose from three different styles designed by Jeff, Jed and Ryan... all of which have matching canvas record bags... all of which were hand screen-printed by Ryan.

We're almost there!

Special thanks to Jess for coming out from NY, spending the weekend at Neil's place... wading through bins, boxes, records... and helping with pricing and merchandising! And for being so fun to eat with... Brunch is not only for assholes!

Thanks also to Jed for lending his wheatpasting expertise for the accent wall installation.

Wanna hear about all this from someone other than me? You're in luck...

Origami Vinyl on EvilMonito
Origami Vinyl on Poketo

Stay tuned for more as we continue our final countdown to Friday!