Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Not open yet?" - Pete Townshend




So there we were, at Origami Vinyl, when up walked Pete Townshend. Pete Townshend in Echo Park! The following conversation did actually take place.

Pete Townshend: I take it you're not open yet?

Jeremy: No, not yet.

Pete Townshend: Pete Townshend [hand extended and noticeably disappointed]

Jeremy: Jeremy [hand taken]

Alex: Can I ask how you heard about us?

Pete Townshend: I was interneting, looking for vinyl and saw a review about Origami Vinyl as if it were open.

Alex: Was it the LA Times Blog?

Pete Townshend: Yes

Alex: Yeah, they did a blog about the store coming, but mainly it was announcing Origami's Monday night residency here at the Echo.

Pete Townshend: I'll have to come by when I'm back in town... where's a safe place to eat around here?

Unanimous answer: Masa [fingers pointing].

To Masa - Sean Foye says you're welcome.

Stay tuned for more on today's very exciting progress...


  1. I thought the Pete thing was a joke! I may be hanging out there a lot, guys.

  2. Not a joke! He had a Spanish Burger and salad. Thank you Sean.
    Rhonda - Masa of Echo Park

  3. That's pretty awesome, I'm green with envy.