Sunday, March 15, 2009

Movin' On Up

... to the east side... to the deeeeluxe lofted space in the shop! Yeah, we'll be moving' on up! Yesterday was another very big day for Origami Vinyl. [cough-cough-Pete Townshend-cough]

After a more hectic morning than you should know, Jeremy and I welcomed the arrival of the spiral staircase. My version of welcoming consisted mainly of photo-documenting, while Jeremy's included helping to corkscrew it through the doorway.

Sparks literally flying
Not Pete Townshend [cough-pete-effing-townshend!-cough]

Still not Pete Townshend

Likewise not Pete Townshend, Sean came to install the vinyl-only record shop's all-important vinyl-only sound system. Because we're keepin' it real.

Sean and Jeremy sound systeming

Sound check 1...

Check 2... Note the wall mounting... just another fine example of Jeremy's woodcrafting skills.

Stair installation complete

Sean test-running the stairs

Pete Townshend [cough]

Cue music...

And fade...

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