Monday, March 23, 2009

Sign of the Times!

It's a sign of the times! Everything's coming together and our grand opening date has been set...

April 3rd is fast approaching and it is now time for finishing touches... including this window sign chalked up by Jed!

He was simply driving by and saw the crew toiling away, so he stopped in and we quickly put him to work... because there's no sadder thing than wasted potential. Thanks, Jed!

Meanwhile, Stentz and Dan finished the wine crates and secured them to our custom work benches.

Outside, attracting onlookers and passersby (such as Jed), Morgan and Jeff set up the scaffolding and started on the Origami Vinyl sign...

the stencils for which were all very carefully X-acto knifed by Jeff himself... one illustrated (by Morgan) paper fold at a time!

Midway through we were all super stoked already.

Back inside, Sean Foye did a really great job of camouflaging the stereo cables along the walls and Neil and I modified and mounted a few packages of corkboard.

The Pièce de résistance!

It's a sign of the times...


  1. Heard about your outfit and though you might like our music (or at least our origami music video).
    -- origami llamas

  2. Neil,

    It's nice to finally see your store! I love what you did with the wine crates. Your site has really blown my mind! I love that cathedral look.