Monday, January 11, 2010

The Sound Of Wall shout out

Hey there musician friends. Knee Shy are doing a rad musical installation and performance at Origami and need some junk guitar parts donated to help build it out. Please read Jeremy's email below and if you have anything, please reach out to him. If you don't but may know someone who does, please feel free to forward this on.

Thanks, Neil, Sean & Sam

Subject: the sound of wall shout out...
Hello, this is Jeremy Kennedy, a local artist and 1/2 of the collaborative art duo Knee Shy. I am writing with an inquiry concerning an upcoming art project/installation we are doing in the area. The project is titled “the sound of wall”, and it centers around a 111 string electric/acoustic wall mounted instrument. We will be installing the piece at Origami Vinyl feb. 5th, and also be performing a piece of music written for this thing. Construction on “the sound..” has begun and is going smoothly. But we are still seeking additional parts and materials for the piece. In an effort to spread the word and to keep our overhead costs down (-ish) we wanted to inquire if anybody out there might have any busted junk parts that were unwanted, or ultimately destined for the trash that we might be able to acquire. We are seeking electric/acoustic guitar/bass pick-ups, guts, bridges, nuts, tuning keys, anything to do with strings! And we don’t care about the condition! Let us know if have things lying around, we can take them off your hands, and save you a trip to the dumpster. Though we would like to, we can’t offer much in the way of money, so...a sponsor mention with the show/piece? Anyway, we had to ask! Thanks for your time!

Cheers, Jeremy Kennedy (

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