Thursday, November 4, 2010

DAHGA BLOOM in the loft TONIGHT + Jonsi footage is up

Come get your head scrubbed clean tonight by the psychedelic assault of Fullerton's own Dahga Bloom.

"Dahga Bloom’s debut studio LP fuses a stoney desert sensibility with krautrock rhythms and fragments of long lost carnival jams, perfect for carrying you into the evening’s climax." - Portable Shrines...AND YOU CAN GET THOSE LP'S RIGHT HERE!!! The fun begins, as usual, at 7pm.

Check out what you won't want to miss...

*Colour Revolt was scheduled to play but unfortunately will be unable. Hopefully we will catch up with them on their next go-around.


In other news...

Some of you were lucky enough to witness the now legendary performance from Jónsi here at Origami Vinyl a couple weeks back. Unfortunately he found the face to face nature of the performance to be extremely uncomfortable and sadly had to cancel his remaining in-store tour because of it, leaving Origami as his one and only stop.

Well lucky for the rest of you we filmed it with a gorgeous 2 camera HD shoot. Below are 2 of the 4 songs he performed here in the shop, Go Do and Stars In Still Water. Both capture his impeccable delivery and his endearing vulnerability. Filmed by our partners Jack Schlinkert and Max Sweeney at Happy Independent Thoughts.

Jónsi - Go Do [Acoustic] - Live at Origami from plastic pearl on Vimeo.

Jónsi - Stars in Still Water [Acoustic] - Live at Origami Vinyl from plastic pearl on Vimeo.

For more thoughts Pitchfork, LA Times, TwentyFourBit & We Listen For You all weigh in on the footage.

Also, on the next couple of weeks, we will be launching our very own video site that will feature videos of our past and future in-stores. Stay tuned for the launch!

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